Sunday, June 22, 2008

Villagers from Cavrem, Pirla, Maina opposes Mining

The villagers of Maina , Cavrem, Pirla of Quepem taluka and adjoining villages opposed public hearing of two mines and managed to cancelled public hearing of one mine which was presided over by Addl. Collector-II Shri Y.B.Tavde and Asst. Env. Engineer GSPCB Sanjeev Joglekar.

The Pollution Control board had fixed three public hearing for the renewal of mining leases of three mine from Maina and Pirla village which includes M/S. Shantilal K and Bros. Pvt. Ltd., Pante Pan e Saterkarachi iron ore mine under T.C. No.9/53, M/S. Shantilal K and Bros. Pvt. Ltd. Zoleracho Dongor iron ore mine and M/S. Tisa Moraes Mining Industries Ubea Fateracho Dongor iron ore mine under T.C. No.1/57.

The villagers manage to cancel the hearing of Zoleracho Dongor iron ore mine on the ground that the T.C. No. mentioned in the public notice is wrong.

Objecting the mine Shri John Fernandes from Quepem stated that the hearing fixed is at far away place from the mining site. He further stated that there is government high school wherein around 300 students are studying , there are also dwelling houses within the mining lease, the protected site, the Cottigao and Netraveli reserve forest is at a close distance which fact has been suppressed from Rapid Environment Impact report. He further stated where the mine is proposed to be started is a home for different animals, Deer, byson, leapord, and birds like peacock etc. That Ubea Fatra dongor is a home for our national animal Tiger. The mining will also destroy the Corca River which is at a distance of around 500 mts.

Dr. Avdoot Prabhudessai opposing the mine stated than mining has not done any good to the locals on the contrary it destroyed the water, agricultural land, forest area , air which already jeopardize the life of the villagers and will destroy entire economy of Goa in the near future. He further stated that proposed mines will destroy Kushawati river as some of the tributaries of Kushawati River originates from the mining sites.

Mohan Dessai opposing the mine warned of severe consequences if the mining department issued licence inspite of there being objections.

Madhu Velip sarpanch of Cavrem Pirla Panchayat stated that all mine in the area should be stopped as they don't do any good to the village but destroys them. He demanded that the public hearing should be held in their village.

Sandeep Gaonkar panch member of Cavrem-pirla panchayat stated that their panchayat is the highest producer of sugarcane, milk and other agricultural product and if the mine is started all this activities will be destroyed.

Those other who oppose the mine includes Rama Velip, Motes Antao, Kashinath Velip, Dinanath Fal Dessai, Mohan Dessai.

John Fernanades

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