Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sesa Goa's illegal dumps in Pissurlem: No Action from Government

Even though Mamlatdar of Sattari Taluka ruled that mining dumps belonging to Sesa Goa mining company now owned by British multinational Vedanta way back on 24th June 2004 even after four years action to remove the same is yet to be taken. Here is the Text of the letter as it is addreesed to the Dy. Collector & SDO, Sub Division, Bicholim-Goa with subject Complaint against M/s Sesa Goa & Co:

This Office is in receipt of a complaint received from Shri Hanumant C. Parab & others agaisnt M/s Sesa Goa & Company in respect of Sy. No. 24/11 of village Pissurlem Satari Taluka.

After the receipt of said complaints inquiry was conducted through the Talathi of Pissurlem saza and as per the report of the Talathi, the property surveyed under Sy.No.24/11 is recorded in the name of Govt. of Goa, Daman & Diu and Shamba Govind Sinai Pissurlekar, Anusuyabai Anant Pissurlekar and Purushotam Sindu Kailo Devidas.

That though the said property is recorded in the name of Govt. of Goa and three others, the said property is not partitioned by metes and bound, and the share of each co-owner cannot be ascertain. That the said Sesa Goa Company have illegally used the said properties surveyed under Sy.No. 24/11 for dumping of their mining rejects without any authority/consent from the Govt. As such the said use of the property by the said mining company is illegal and against the interest of the Govt.

Your are therefore kindly requested to take necessary action against the4 said Sesa Goa mining company under the land Revenue Code.

Yours Faithfully
(S.F. Naik)
Mamlatdar of Satari Taluka,
Valpoi - Goa

Deputy Collector is not acting on this further. Reason of course is understandable as Hanumant Porob from Pissurlem, Sattari, Goa Comments: Concern officers like Arvind Bugde, the Deputy Collector of Bicholim are not serious on this issue as they are under the control of the politicians and mining companies and they are neglecting the public interest and safety.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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