Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Qepem Police PI invokes Sec.149 Cr.Pc on Rama Velip

Quepem Police Inspector has invoked section 149 Code of Criminal Procedures authorising police to the extend of preventive arrests in anticipation of commission of cognizable and non-cognizable offences without anyone registering complaints. He has been served call letter with a request to be present at the Quepem Police Station on June 24 at 5.00 pm.

This move is clearly to harass Rama Veilip who has challenged powerful mining industry of Goa and brought few mines in his village standstill including the mines operated by Fomentos. Police are yet to take any action on complaint of physical assaults on Succorina Dias and Motesh Antao on May 02, 2008. Police are also take any action on complaint of release of silted water into the Agricultural fields of Colamb farmers from the Fomentos operating Hiralal Khodidas mine T.C. no. 06/1949 on June 12, 2008 even though written complaint has been filed with the police station to this effect by GAKUVED.

It is clear beyond an iota of doubt as to why all this is happening and Police are acting against people and impotent against mining industry - the power of notes, higher levels political influences and everything else that comes with it including free dining and entertainments at Cidade de Goa - Starred Hotel owned by mining company Fomentos.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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