Saturday, February 27, 2010

Police raided the party, loud music stopped

Its 2.28 am in the morning and police from Siolim Police Station has come and stopped the Russian tourists party that was playing loud music next my house. Hope to get peaceful sleep now at least for few hours.

Sebastian Rodrigues

Loud music next to my house at midnight

Tourists staying close to my house are playing loud music. It has started at 2.00 am now. Both the police stations - in Anjuna and in Siolim are alerted and informed about this but no police has come as yet here.

Also tried to call up the residence of Sylvestre Fernandes, Sarpanch of my village but he did not answer the call.

Sebastian Rodrigues

Thursday, February 25, 2010

MoEF-Activists dialogue on mining problems in Goa

Today afternoon Regional Office of Indian Ministry of Environment and Forest based in Bangalore initiated talks with activists in Goa over the question of mining. The team was led by Chief Conservator of Forests (Central) Mr. K.S.Reddy. In a meeting called at short notice of less than 24 hours few top government officers were present for the discussions with few activists working on mining issue in Goa. They includes Chief Conservator of Forests in Goa Shashi Kumar, Deputy Conservator of Forest (South Goa) Mr. Shambu Mahesh, and Chairman of Goa Pollution Control Board Dr. Simon de Souza.

The meeting was held at Goa Pollution Control Board conference hall in Panjim. Amongst the activists who participated in this discussion includes Dr.Claude Alvares, Carmen Miranda, Ramesh Gauns, Rajendra Kerker, Bismarque Dias, Joseph D'Costa and Sebastian Rodrigues.

This meeting was a direct fall out of the imposition of Moratorium on granting of new mining leases in Goa by the Indian Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh. Mr. Reddy said that he was on Goa visit and has convened this informal talks with activists in Goa in order to find way out of the problems created by mining industry. He said wanted to know about the situation on ground in regard and has convened the meeting in his personal capacity though he has no directives to do so from the Ministry in Delhi.

Power point presentation on mining situation in Goa created with efforts from GOAMAP was screened at the meeting to facilitate the discussions. Several insightful points points emerged and officials present on the occasion took detail notes on the dangerous situation in Goa created by mining industry.

It was agreed on the occasion to hold regular interactions between the officials of the various connected government ministries, people affected with mining, and representatives of the mining industry.

Sebastian Rodrigues

NAAM Opposes the Civil Nuclear Liability Bill

Kuppan commits the crime but Suppan gets the punishment! This is exactly how the infamous Civil Nuclear Liability Bill of the UPA government works. According to this legislation, if there was an accident in a nuclear power facility, the onus for paying the damages will be on the operator of the facility and not on the supplier of the equipment or the builder of the facility.

Consider one of the famous liability litigation. Some 18 years ago, on February 27, 1992 (to be exact), a 79-year-old American woman called Stella Liebeck from Albuquerque, New Mexico ordered a cup of coffee from a local McDonald’s restaurant. She had placed the coffee cup between her knees and pulled the lid to add cream and sugar and in the process spilled the entire cup of coffee on her lap. Liebeck suffered third-degree burns and had to be hospitalized for eight days while she underwent skin grafting. When McDonald’s turned down Liebeck’s claim of her medical costs, she sued the company for “gross negligence.” The trial took place in August 1994 and the jury concluded that McDonald's was 80% responsible for the incident and awarded Liebeck US$200,000 in compensatory damages and $2.7 million in punitive damages. The judge reduced these amounts a bit and both parties settled out of court for an undisclosed amount less than $600,000. If this case was conducted along the lines of the Indian Civil Nuclear Liability Bill, the local franchisee or the server who served the hot coffee would pay the damages to Liebeck and McDonald’s itself would go scotfree.

A nuclear accident is much more serious and deadly than spilling a cup of coffee. Not just one individual but an entire locality could be wiped out in a nuclear catastrophe. Nevertheless, the Civil Nuclear Liability Bill provides for a cap of Rs 2,400 crores by way of damages in case of a nuclear accident and the Indian government will facilitate compensation through the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd. (NPCIL), the operator of the nuclear facilities in the country.

The Indian government’s passing the Civil Nuclear Liability Bill is an important precondition that allows US companies such as General Electric and Westinghouse to seek insurance cover at home. Without our liability law, US firms will not get insurance cover for their projects in India. Other foreign companies such as Areva (France) and Rosatom Corp (Russia) have also been lobbying in New Delhi for this kind of liability bill. Indian companies like Reliance, Tata Power and GMR are also keen on this operator-based liability arrangement.

The Indian government fixes the civil liability at approximately Rs 2,400 crores because the manufacturers insist that liability cannot be impractically high. But the anti-nuclear activists, citing the tragic Bhopal experiences, point out the lack of criminal liability in the Bill and argue that the liability clause is not stringent enough.

While the foreign and Indian companies will make profits from their nuclear commerce, the NPCIL, a state-run and public-funded agency will become the guarantor of compensation in case of liabilities. In other words, the affected parties (the Indian public in this case) will pay compensation to themselves with their own monies and the profiteering capitalists will go scotfree with their interests intact. What an ingenious plan!?

This legislation on liability will facilitate foreign nuclear companies’ investment in India, and will also necessitate suitable amendment to the Atomic Energy Act 1962 that will allow private entry into nuclear business. This civil nuclear liability regime would pave the way for India joining the international convention, and the amended Atomic Energy Act would facilitate Indian companies’ entry into nuclear commerce.

The dangerous combination of secretive state, profiteering companies and careerist nuclear scientists will not be in the best interests of the Indian public. Like the Bhopal victims who are running from pillar to post even after 25 years of the worst industrial disaster, we will be out on the street with radiation illnesses and without any kind of help from the authorities.

The UPA government that gave a nod to the Civil Nuclear Liability Bill back in November 2009 is planning to push the Bill during the ongoing Winter Session of the Parliament. The Prime Minister has even sought the backing of the opposition BJP as his ruling combine does not have the sufficient votes in the Rajya Sabha.

The National Alliance of Anti-nuclear Movements (NAAM) as well as its constituent organizations opposes the Civil Nuclear Liability Bill that seeks to protect the interests of the rich and powerful while leaving the Indian citizens high and dry on the nuclear highway. NAAM exhorts the people of India to ask their Members of Parliament to vote against this anti-people legislation.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lound music goes off

It's 3.30 am now and loud music has stopped. Not sure who intimated to stop may be police, may be Sarpanch. This none sense cannot go forever - however rewarding it may be for the people who are renting their houses and to the drug mafia- they have no right to disturb sleep of their neighbors and it has to cease permanently. We need to demonstrate that people of Goa has got guts and we are determined to exhibit them if we need to, in spite of we being peace loving and hospitable.

Sebastian Rodrigues

Siolim Sarpanch's residence intimated about the lound music at my nighborhood

It is 3.25 am now and Police has still not arrived here. Loud music continues and looks I have to spend sleepless hours in the rest of the morning too. I just called up the residence of Sarpanch of my Siolim-Marna village panchayat Sylvestre Fernandes at 08322272262 at 3.25 am and left a message with his son who answered after picking up my phone.

Sebastian Rodrigues

Police at Anjuna and Siolim intimated on loud music

I just called Police station at Anjuna at the phone number 08322273233 and asked them to act against this ongoing party. The police there has directed me to Siolim police station and gave me the following phone number 08322272233 of police outpost in Siolim. Policemen in siolim has asked the direction and said they are coming. I called them at 2.55 am now.

Sebastian Rodrigues

Loud music, drug party in Siolim

Its 2.09 am in the morning and I am shocked out of my deep peaceful sleep 5 minutes ago with loud decibel techno music played for their drug party by my new neighbors. It is not the first time it is happening, but going on for the past two weeks. My parents - mother and father has both been complaining about this and my dad even alerted the local member of Panchayat Rita who represent Marna in Siolim Panchayat.

There were cases of loud music by the Russians who stay close by to my house. I saw on television yesterday people of Morjim rising in revolt against the violent behaviour of Russian in their village. I join chorus one with them against the Russian citizens who are indulging in violent behaviour in Goa. now that I too have become the target of Russian insanity I can't help but blog and blog. i am not sure if I call the police it is going to be of any help but hopefully Police too will read this post and come and raid this ongoing party. Guys at the party has gone insane and are shouting loudly.

You know this has taken away my space to rest, sleep and dream. But what for? What harm did I caused to Russian? Cannot recollect that in my life I have ever disturbed the sleep of any single Russian in my life either in Goa or anywhere in India. So why do I deserve this?

I wish Vikram Verma comes over to my house and stay over for the night and witness all this that goes on first hand so that he can share it with Russian Consulates wherever they are located.

Few days back I witness a regular trend. In the evening parties would start. The girls would be brought to dance and they would break into a song and dance right on the road. The secret of this behavior is not difficult to guess. I and parent could smell the strange smell right inside my house. I could not understand this but my parents told me that it is of some drugs - perhaps canabis or some synthethic drugs. Oh yeah, drug use an its abuse is everyday affairs here for the past two weeks. It is just today that it crossed my tolerance limits and as a first step though I would speak out against this. Not sure if Goa's Home Minister Ravi Naik knows about all this but he is welcome to visit my house to witness loud techno music in this wee hours with rampant drug abuse.

And Goa Police are welcome too. I have read and personally heard so may cases of police in Goa implicating innocent people into drug cases. I was scared that if I speak out then this may happen to me as well. But my home has now become a prison. I have been held captive by the aggression on Goa by the Russians. My sleep at this hours has gone and it is nightmare experience. So I don't care about the consequence any more. I have decided to speak out with all my might, for it is better to be in prison rather than live like slave of the Russian in my own home - literary.

At this wee hour I have nothing else to do. My dignity has been deeply violated and insulted. These writings are my attempt to reclaim it. I appeal to everyone who cares about sleeping peacefully in their homes to join their voices to my voice and do every thing they can so that People of Goa can find liberation from poor behaved, ill mannered, inhospitable and hostile those have cut loose themselves in Goa. You may write to me at or call me at my cell 09923336347. We have to unite together and speak out loud for the sake of our sanity and peace in our neighborhood and Goa.

It is 2.40 am now and I stay at 31/A, Igrej Vaddo, Marna, Siolim, Goa.

Sebastian Rodrigues

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

GOAMAP welcomes moratorium on new mining environmental clearance

Goa Federation of Mines Affected People (GOAMAP) welcomes the decision of Union Minister of Environment and Forest Jairam Ramesh to impose moratorium on environmental clearances for the new mining leases in the State of Goa.

GOAMAP congratulates Hon’ble Minister Jairam Ramesh for his bold decision on Goa’s marauding mining industry that is threatening life support systems particularly water bodies in Goa.

GOAMAP demands that moratorium on mines in Goa be extended permanently irrespective of Goa Government’s pending mining policy. Goa Government has been historically a puppet of mining industry and it has precedent of rejecting any adverse report to the mining. TERI report of 1997 commissioned by the Goa Government itself is very good example in this regard.

GOAMAP demand stringent compliance of all the conditions of Environmental Clearances for the existing permitted mines in Goa. In case of violations they must be shut down forever and permissions revoked.

GOAMAP welcomes the plan of Hon’ble Minister Jairam Ramesh to involve NEERI, Nagpur to go in for comprehensive environment impact assessment of all the mining activities of all the mining activities for which permissions has been given over the past few years.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Indian Environment Minister imposes morotarium on new mining in Goa

Indian Environment and Forest Minister Jairam Ramesh has written an interesting letter today February 22, 2010 on mining to Goa Chief Minister Digambar Kamat . He writes as follows:

"Dear Shri Digambar Kamatji,

Please refer to your letters dated 4th February and 17th February 2010.

In response to the request you made, it has been decided to impose moratorium on consideration of mining proposals for environmental clearance under the provisions of Environmental Impact Assessment Notification, 2006 till the Mineral policy for the State of Goa is finalized and the Ministry of Environment and Forest is informed in this regard. I am advising the officer concerned to return all the proposals to the proponents which are pending for consideration and not to accept any new proposals from the State of Goa.

I also feel that time has come for a comprehensive environmental impact assessment of all the mining activities that has taken place and for which permissions have been given over the past few years. Such a study should also identify remedial measures. I am planning to ask NEERI, Nagpur to conduct this study and I am confident that I can count on your support in this regard.

With warm regards,


(Jairam Ramesh)"

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Agricultural land grab in Goa under the garb of public pupose

The farmers of Goa under the banner of Goenchea Xetkarancho Ekvott in order to highlight the plight of farming community in Goa and as a part of its agitation decided in its first meeting held on 2nd October 2009 at Lohia Maidan Margao had a demonstration at Quepem Municipal Garden on Sunday, February 21, 2010.

That around 100 farmers from different parts of Goa participated in the day long agitation. The farmers also had photo exhibition

Speaking to reporters Goenchea Xetkarancho Ekvott president Deelip Hegde stated that the main purpose of the agitation is to reach to farmers of different part of Goa . He further stated that today, the Goa Government under the garb of public purpose rampantly acquiring prime agricultural land. The acquisition of agricultural land is going on in violation of central policy on agriculture which states that no agriculture land should be acquired unless there is an emergency to do so. The farmers of Goa will unite to fight these injustices.

He further stated that our MLA and ministers who are all way out to sell Goa for their selfish gain have became agents of Mining Companies and Real Estates. In the future all farmers will united fight against the government against the injustice that is being done to them. Such a demonstration will be held in different parts of Goa.

Goenchea Xetkarancho Ekvott Secretary Paul Fernandes stated that today government shout that people are keeping their land barren but the same government does not bother to find out the reason. He stated that most of the land in Salcete which are kept barren is due to stray cattle, the irrigation facility which is provided at the cost of cores of rupees goes in vain if stray cattle problem is solved then the farmers will cultivate their respective land. He further stated that the government is seen doing nothing to implement the Agricultural Tenancy Act which show how little the government is concerned about the farming community.

At the Dharna farmers of different villages shared their views with farmers of other villages.

John Fernandes

Goa farmers protest, stage one day fast in Quepem

Goenchea Xetkarancho Ekvott (GXE) held a day long fast on 21 February 2010 at the Municipal garden, Quepem to protest against the relentless atrocities being committed by the State against the farmers, poorer sections of the society and the future generations. GXE aims to protect and conserve agricultural lands, water resources and forests of Goa, which belong not to us but to our children, from the greed and ignorance of the few.

The event was attended by villagers from 22 villages and towns from Quepem, Sanguem and Salcete talukas. The day long deliberations were focused on local and national consequences of various State initiatives being forced upon unwilling citizens, and the alternatives available with the citizens to force the State to review and revise its anti-development policies, so that the long overdue corrections are immediately adopted. In particular, the villagers expressed anger and frustration at the arbitrary acquisitions of paddy fields, especially tenanted lands, destruction of natural water resources, complete failure of the State to honour its promise to provide 90% of the water from Selaulim Dam for irrigation, increasing illegal mining and the failure of the State to respect The National Policy for Farmers 2007 and The National Forest Policy.

Villagers from Morpilla, Colomba, Rivona and Maina demanded that no new mining leases or renewals be allowed anywhere in the State, since the Chief Minister seems to have forgotten his promise to rid us of illegal mining. Satellite images were displayed to reveal how easy it is for even a schoolboy to locate illegal mining in the State. All the villagers were unanimous in condemning the forest and police departments for openly defending mining in forest lands, and for attacking the concerned citizens who are trying to protect the forests. Villagers affected by a spate of new 4-lane roads in the hinterland, which are being promoted by the State for the exclusive use of mining traffic, pointed out that these roads would destroy a number of pristine villages, forests and water bodies which are not yet affected by mining.

All the villagers were unanimous that the complete failure of the Selaulim Irrigation Project, the apathy shown by the State towards farmers and the failure of beneficial legislations such as the Tenancy Act and the Command Area Development Act are responsible for the dismal state of affairs in the State. Villagers from Paroda, Assolda, Ambaulim, Deao, Chinchinim and St. Jose De Areal shared their experiences and hopes with regards agricultural failure and revival. The proximity between the health of the agricultural sector, the health of the environment, removal of social inequities and the survival of future generations was studied.

The meeting concluded with all expressing renewed commitment towards facing the social and environmental challenges lying ahead. It was resolved that in view of the refusal of the State to heed to reason, GXE shall redouble its efforts and increase the pressure on the State to relent, accept the reality and to embrace the changes that are essential for the survival of Goa and Goans.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Farmers protest fast in Quepem on February 21

The Goenchea Xetkarancho Ekvott (GXE) strongly condemns the refusal of the State Government to correct the present disastrous policies, and in particular, its failure to stop the acquisition of agricultural lands. We reiterate our demands that acquisitions of agricultural lands be stopped immediately; agricultural lands be reverted to agriculture use, and to stop indiscriminate conversion of agricultural lands to non-agricultural use.

The Government has failed to respond to numerous representations and public demonstrations, including the unanimous demand made by thousands of farmers at Lohia Maidan on 2nd August 2009 that acquisitions of agricultural lands be stopped immediately. Instead, the Government has blindly continued with the anti-Indian policy of the British Raj, sixty two years after Independence, which is especially devastating in the instance of our tiny and highly sensitive motherland, Goa.

The ongoing destruction of Goa is caused due to the flawed policies of the Government. For example, the sports policy of the State is being grossly misused to construct sports grounds by filling up fertile paddy fields, often using fraud, undue influence and coercion, without any application of mind, and by trampling on the helpless farmers' fundamental rights. GXE demands that the Government immediately stop all the ongoing acquisitions and restore agricultural to its rightful place, as the greatest of all public purposes in times of peace. It must also revert all acquired lands which are not yet destroyed back to the farmers and to the generations yet to come, who form the silent and invisible majority of our nation.

Since the Government is deliberately ignoring our just and essential demands stated above, we continue our State-wide peaceful struggle at the Quepem Municipal Square (garden ), Quepem on 21st February 2010 from 0900 hrs to 1600 hrs, where we shall continue to spread awareness and build solidarity in order to achieve our goals.

GXE calls upon all farmers, individuals, organizations and bodies from Quepem and other talukas to attend this day long peaceful protest on 21st February 2010, and to express solidarity with any form of expression or participation in our struggle.

Moira breeze

In the land of Moira

I sit in the orchard

Facing vegetable cultivation

and rivulet flowing with water

White birds does their prey

Farmer with his cattle

on a grazing sway

Mountain stands

as witness to all

Mangroves does

work of protection

Suddenly in the middle

two electricity poles

supply light for

their hours in darkness

My eyes feel drowsy

attractive breeze

wants to put me to sleep,

Yet I cannot lay myself

in the blossoms of Moira breeze,

for I have long way

to walk ahead

Moira I came

to re-fresh and re-charge myself

Birdy songs of Moira

Adds rhythm to my soul.

Sebastian Rodrigues

Fighting will

To the point
when every friend is lost
poetry remain all alone
to regenerate and console

To the point
demonic monsters triumph temporarily
wrecked up blossoming psyche
Poetry remains all alone
to heal the tortured self

To the point
The will of barbarous attempts
to penetrate into my space
Poetry remains all alone
to transform and purify the intrusion

To the point
My will seems bulldozed,
chest pumped up in fear
Poetry remains all alone
to restore fighting will
and confidence to move on.

Sebastian Rodrigues

Pangs of reality

The laments of scholars

are meaningless;

Just a pretenses

to some publicity,

and to live

in make-believe world

of their Ivory towers.

No where in their method

scholars include exposure

to suffering and poor

in their academic curriculum

The discourses sterile and detached.

for the painless receptors

Too many scholars have fooled themselves

and their students.

The absence of ideas in students

mocked at in abundance

The vigor of exposure and library

not at all stressed as method

To hell with these scholars

Chain yourselves to the

pangs of reality.

Sebastian Rodrigues

Imperial Mystery

Horrors of men in History
Clouded in imperial mystery

Bloody re-ordering
of native reality

Buried in time
terror in memory

Dig out and comfort
the truth,
In sagas of cruelty.

Sebastian Rodrigues

Quality Voice

It’s my life

It’s my choice

I too have

a quality voice!

Sebastian Rodrigues

My Life

I am a child of struggle
Child grown in struggle
growth matures in struggle
In struggle alone lies
Greatest happiness
of my life.

Sebastian Rodrigues


Library is my stadium

Book is my bat

Bookshelves are my wickets

Reading hall is my pitch

My team is fielding

I am a wicket keeper

I like my job

Thoughts in words

is the ball of the game

As soon as it cuts the bat

I take the catch

For it is wicket to my team

I am an agile fielder

always await

for ball to turn around

whether it is a googly

or a bouncer;

It makes no difference

to alert mind

I am a responsible member of my team

My team is of underprivileged

Decided in advance

to stay on pitch

and score a century

But for the time being

my team is fielding

I wait for full overs to bowl

Restrict the opposition

to a paltry score

As soon as

all wickets gone

go out on the pitch

to score

Hit the ball

over the boundary

for a sixer;

if not send it on ground

for four;

if difficult, do a running

of one and two,

to keep the score

tickling to victory.

Sebastian Rodrigues

Treasure of Love

In the midst of Academic stroll
quiet corner in library I stole

To let free flow affection to my love

To excavate the meaning ;
what love is and not

Love is not an examination
to be answered,
with tensions and worries
to be burdened

Love is free flow of hearts of two in love
takes in its stride whatever may come

Love is not scandal to be probed and spied

Love is an open book;
text awaits to be written by both

Love’s pages generates vibrations
to be felt by one and all

Love is not diplomacy
to be played upon;
to say bitter truth in polite form

Love is what you speak
Exact words to be taken
for their declared value

Love is smooth flow
with logic of its own

Love is not a competition
to be compared
qualification and degrees to be displayed

Love is feeling
deep within heart
respect person,
whatever may come

The moment competition steps in,
Love recedes very far;
Tearing lovers apart.

Sebastian Rodrigues


You know better than I

Eagle spots prey

from very very high

Zooms on target

from Blue Blue Sky

Doesn’t care;

bitter and cry

Delicacy plate full of spy.

Sebastian Rodrigues


Come, come very soon
Already mid-day pleasant afternoon
Windy evening, to arrive in tune
Night to bring lovely lovely moon
Oh Ye! come very soon!

Sebastian Rodrigues


Orientation of my heart

will never change;

Even if to live in a hut

Shall submit every test

Never to halt onward march;

with pride in chest.

Sebastian Rodrigues


When obstacles surround you
all over,

To begin,
deal with each one moreover

Take a time off,
build up strength
in case weaker

Always remember
time is greatest healer.

Sebastian Rodrigues


When player in form
Don’t treat like deformed

If you do,
Then misery and downfall

In the name of team
don’t waste the cream

For crux is incomplete
without a glitter

Neglect of a performer
creates mountain from volcano.

Sebastian Rodrigues


Excuses hundred and one

Journey in rounds,

yet very smart

Wings in air

plunges flight in delight

Tension filled moments

created burden

At last we did depart

Just because

We belong to different caste.

Sebastian Rodrigues

Defense of Wild

Defense of Wild
invites defeat of Capitalist might
The challenge demands
disciplined skill and exercise

Are we in position to be brave
at the cost of life?

Our feature is to carry
life on finger tip
all the time

Ruthless mining tycoons
could extend the loop of death
any time

Strategy to evolve
to bring contradictions
into public focus

Every aspect to be exposed
with rapid succession
and action

The communication of intend
and communication of contend
is to be the direct impact remedy

Proceed and unite
in every possible bite
in high blue sky make a time
to fly a kite

Substance then will become
highly volatile
shall prepare the ground
for fire to strike.

Sebastian Rodrigues


Words though new

Yet original very few

Sessions to train

Sets of fresh crew

Philosophy to spark out

to express living anew

Morning spring out

with early drops of dew

Silkworm gathers

for cloth to be sewn

Many possesses sign and print

Yet only few there to chew

Song is an abstraction

and experience with clue

Meanings are locked

visible only to few

Might of king to rise

as momentum continue

Every passing second

tickles evolutionary move

Rudimentary humanity

jumps to standard flight

Leave out in courage

witness to justice

Organised movements signals

Necessity of new parameters.

Sebastian Rodrigues

Colourful Latin America

Mathematical necessity
Brainy capacity
Hearty intensity
Leads endeavor
to probe deeply
Latin American Identity

Continent fascinating
Courageous Colorings
Revolutionary flowerings

Colonial underpinnings
valiant fight back
Red Indian Warriors

Trusted forcefully
Latin powers adventurously

Fractions of efforts
Produced Cuban Heroics
Community of traditions
gave spirit to Mexican uprising

Workers toil
Sent Chile in flames
voice arose of suppressed
prompted dictatorial crushing

Couple of decades
Brazil chained
Washington promoted
Dictatorial Candidates

Rich soil and economy
Rendered Bankrupt
Banana Republics

Brilliant French revolutionary analyzing
Set Haiti free
Victims of human trade
Centuries called them Slaves
United in consciousness
To guide destiny of a nation

European Adventures
Landed to call ‘Discovery’
Staged bee line to new world
Soon brave colonial triumph

Portugal and Spain
dominated the booty
Massacres of horror
Carried on in Western Hemisphere
Red Indians brutally assaulted,
Killed and butchered in terror.

Voice arose of Simon Boliver
Great Latin American Liberator
Let Latin America be one
from North to South forever

Boliver’s dream still a dream
Land distributed by Empires
Haciendas and Latifundias a reality
Control and pleasure of few mighty.

Fear kept mind
in chains and locks
voice rendered under status qou
Attempts often through brave surrenders

For half a thousand years
Colonial powers creates chain reactions
“Goodwill and Peace”
Slogans of next thousand years

Writers blushed in Pablo Neruda
Revolutionary excelled in Che Guevara
Radicals triumphed in Fidel Castro
Such colorful is Latin America.

Sebastian Rodrigues

Mexican Saga

Began to read Mexican saga

forced to stop;

Heart unable to hear cries painful,

Although practiced centuries ago

Printed line;

makes alive scene to eyes

What the extent

society and religion went

Innocent lives - brutally crushed

Hand trembles, pen unable to hold

Heart shocked; eyes complete in tears

Inside library hall

Head lies on table

Text reads, emotion embodied

mind willing, heart can’t bear yet;

No option: be bold and march forward

definitely cease - method of space.

Sebastian Rodrigues


Came a long way

Long way to go

From vocal boisterous

Grows into silent meditation

From disorganised and sporadic

into organised and systematic

From rough and rudimentary

to polished and decent style

Thread of spine continues to refine.

Sebastian Rodrigues


Stone rubs stone

Sparks off fire

Mind rubs mind

Generates idea

Pen rubs paper

Creates a poem

Skin rubs skin

feels a touch

Ultimately its all

Power of brain.

Sebastian Rodrigues


Years passed by
A tiny molecule
Deputed into vacuum

Gently frowns up
A mass of molecules
To form a united frown

Forum of union
Begins to move on
to attract new molecules

Every new molecules
rules positive or negative

Moment of decision
arrives so sudden
for every molecule in existence

Vitality groves in strength
to respond urgently
for the voice of molecules calling

Oh, molecules of the world
Awake ! Its now
moment arrives on horizon.

Sebastian Rodrigues


Books and Journals

opened to read

Comes across treasures

Hither to unheard

Breath of surprise

every new morning

Wisdom of the ages

lies hidden in pages

Shrewdly attempt

to open the one mart

Even without curd

poverty no bar

Pain and struggle

so powerful and central

Conspirators of generations

attempts to disrupt schedule

Comes on the way

to disturb concentration

Temporarily suffered a Jerk

Yet arose with helpful friend.

Sebastian Rodrigues

Earth Power

Life thrives to the fullest

Groups in society
engaged in survival battles

Some engaged in a race
to prosper by ruining
the breasts of earth
killing veins of life

Forever and ever
these are enemies
of the planet

Oh Planet Earth !
Give us your brave children
Power of your fire
Power of your mountains
Power of your oceans
Power of your winds
Power of your hurricanes
Power of your snows
Power of your storms
Power of your lights
Power of your nights
Power of your valleys
Power of your rivers
Power of your seas
Power of your forests

Powerful might
never to bulge slight
to stand in your defense
to dare against the scare
to complete the rescue
to continue life
in your bountiful care.

Sebastian Rodrigues


Let us not mind

to keep the mines

on our minds,

with hearts

warm and kind.

Sebastian Rodrigues


Pulled a knife
against my heart

Blood spills
Pain so intense

Borne all pains
though face reflects torments

tried my best
to explain some sense

For you
I am a big pretense.

Sebastian Rodrigues


From the murky hole

came out crab

Bulging eyes

near the shrub

Shell strong and hard

Never to tolerate drub

Wings straight and tact

Always moves on flight

When in form

Joy to watch in delight

Just a beginning

time to come very bright.

Sebastian Rodrigues