Thursday, February 4, 2010

NEST's public lecture

PANJIM (HND): Nature Environment Society and Transformations (NEST) will organize public lecture titled "Spaces, Places, and Histories: A Political Ecological Perspective" by Prof Alberto Gomes from Department of Anthropology and Sociology, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.

The lecture will be held at Marathi Sahitya Seva Mandal Hall, near Central Library, Panaji at 4 pm on February 05, 2010.

Prof Gomes is a La Trobe University anthropologist involved in developing and teaching a unit for a major initiative by UNESCO to promote peace and sustainability. The four-week intensive on sustainable development and the environment focus on human conditions – poverty, inequality and how they relate to environmental problems. It is a unique approach developed by Dr Alberto Gomes that challenges the dominance of free market economics in the world eye. This is a first of Dr. Bikram Dasgupta memorial Public Lecture series organized by NEST.

Herald, 4 February 2010, Panjim

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