Friday, February 19, 2010

Goodbye Tata

One upon a time
It looked impressive
Business magazines published so many cover stories
‘Centenary Celebrations
of TATA Industry’

They told us
they are proud
nation builders
Chain of Taj Hotels
100 years old
Commanded India towards
Olympic Hockey Gold.

City lost its name
and became Jamshedpur
another place Tatanagar

Spirit of scientific understanding
Through Science Institutes, Music
Colleges, social work institutes and
numerous other ventures
TISCO so famous as industries.

Automobiles - ACGL exports
buses to four continents
Trains named as “TATA Express”
I was firm
TATAS are pride of India.

Horror and terror stories,
Narrations of Oppression and Exploitation
of Workers, Activists, Journalists, Tribals
of Jharkhand and surrounding regions
Shattered my disposition

TATAS tumbled in my eyes.

I learnt stories and stories
of TATAS as encroachers,
TATAs as criminals;
for mining and industry
encroached upon tribal lands
TATAS have terrorized and killed
The valiant defenders of tribal rights
and labour rights.

Yet these stories are suppressed in media

My two visits to Jharkhand
exposed me to the tears
and courage of Adivasis

Sebastian Rodrigues

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