Friday, February 19, 2010

Treasure of Love

In the midst of Academic stroll
quiet corner in library I stole

To let free flow affection to my love

To excavate the meaning ;
what love is and not

Love is not an examination
to be answered,
with tensions and worries
to be burdened

Love is free flow of hearts of two in love
takes in its stride whatever may come

Love is not scandal to be probed and spied

Love is an open book;
text awaits to be written by both

Love’s pages generates vibrations
to be felt by one and all

Love is not diplomacy
to be played upon;
to say bitter truth in polite form

Love is what you speak
Exact words to be taken
for their declared value

Love is smooth flow
with logic of its own

Love is not a competition
to be compared
qualification and degrees to be displayed

Love is feeling
deep within heart
respect person,
whatever may come

The moment competition steps in,
Love recedes very far;
Tearing lovers apart.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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