Friday, February 19, 2010

We are Cousins!

Out of Blue you’ll made appearance

mind quizzed who are these strangers?

Ear danced to beats

to know you’ll were my cousins

Oh Yes! we are cousins!!

I saw the day of light

through your sparkling eyes

pleasant welcome,

the will of our destiny

Oh Yes! we are cousins!!

Colonial era strayed our ancestors

far and wide

Remained in stormy seas for too long

And today, ship kissed the sand

on the shores

for re-union!

Oh Yes! We are cousins!

Excitement and joy

in our chests,

warmth and affection

in heart,

We waved “Good bye”

“ Shall meet and keep in touch”

Murmured our tongues

Oh Yes! we are cousins!!

We guys, you’ll gals

We three, you’ll three

We in Goa,You’ll in Mumbai

Oh Yes! We are cousins!!

Come, Let’s hold our hands

Come, Let’s share things to come

Come, Let’s gather our courage

Oh Yes! We are cousins!!

Sebastian Rodrigues

This poem is dedicated to my cousins Nigelene, Neleshia and Jereline

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