Friday, February 19, 2010


Library is my stadium

Book is my bat

Bookshelves are my wickets

Reading hall is my pitch

My team is fielding

I am a wicket keeper

I like my job

Thoughts in words

is the ball of the game

As soon as it cuts the bat

I take the catch

For it is wicket to my team

I am an agile fielder

always await

for ball to turn around

whether it is a googly

or a bouncer;

It makes no difference

to alert mind

I am a responsible member of my team

My team is of underprivileged

Decided in advance

to stay on pitch

and score a century

But for the time being

my team is fielding

I wait for full overs to bowl

Restrict the opposition

to a paltry score

As soon as

all wickets gone

go out on the pitch

to score

Hit the ball

over the boundary

for a sixer;

if not send it on ground

for four;

if difficult, do a running

of one and two,

to keep the score

tickling to victory.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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