Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Loud music, drug party in Siolim

Its 2.09 am in the morning and I am shocked out of my deep peaceful sleep 5 minutes ago with loud decibel techno music played for their drug party by my new neighbors. It is not the first time it is happening, but going on for the past two weeks. My parents - mother and father has both been complaining about this and my dad even alerted the local member of Panchayat Rita who represent Marna in Siolim Panchayat.

There were cases of loud music by the Russians who stay close by to my house. I saw on television yesterday people of Morjim rising in revolt against the violent behaviour of Russian in their village. I join chorus one with them against the Russian citizens who are indulging in violent behaviour in Goa. now that I too have become the target of Russian insanity I can't help but blog and blog. i am not sure if I call the police it is going to be of any help but hopefully Police too will read this post and come and raid this ongoing party. Guys at the party has gone insane and are shouting loudly.

You know this has taken away my space to rest, sleep and dream. But what for? What harm did I caused to Russian? Cannot recollect that in my life I have ever disturbed the sleep of any single Russian in my life either in Goa or anywhere in India. So why do I deserve this?

I wish Vikram Verma comes over to my house and stay over for the night and witness all this that goes on first hand so that he can share it with Russian Consulates wherever they are located.

Few days back I witness a regular trend. In the evening parties would start. The girls would be brought to dance and they would break into a song and dance right on the road. The secret of this behavior is not difficult to guess. I and parent could smell the strange smell right inside my house. I could not understand this but my parents told me that it is of some drugs - perhaps canabis or some synthethic drugs. Oh yeah, drug use an its abuse is everyday affairs here for the past two weeks. It is just today that it crossed my tolerance limits and as a first step though I would speak out against this. Not sure if Goa's Home Minister Ravi Naik knows about all this but he is welcome to visit my house to witness loud techno music in this wee hours with rampant drug abuse.

And Goa Police are welcome too. I have read and personally heard so may cases of police in Goa implicating innocent people into drug cases. I was scared that if I speak out then this may happen to me as well. But my home has now become a prison. I have been held captive by the aggression on Goa by the Russians. My sleep at this hours has gone and it is nightmare experience. So I don't care about the consequence any more. I have decided to speak out with all my might, for it is better to be in prison rather than live like slave of the Russian in my own home - literary.

At this wee hour I have nothing else to do. My dignity has been deeply violated and insulted. These writings are my attempt to reclaim it. I appeal to everyone who cares about sleeping peacefully in their homes to join their voices to my voice and do every thing they can so that People of Goa can find liberation from poor behaved, ill mannered, inhospitable and hostile those have cut loose themselves in Goa. You may write to me at or call me at my cell 09923336347. We have to unite together and speak out loud for the sake of our sanity and peace in our neighborhood and Goa.

It is 2.40 am now and I stay at 31/A, Igrej Vaddo, Marna, Siolim, Goa.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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