Friday, February 19, 2010

Colourful Latin America

Mathematical necessity
Brainy capacity
Hearty intensity
Leads endeavor
to probe deeply
Latin American Identity

Continent fascinating
Courageous Colorings
Revolutionary flowerings

Colonial underpinnings
valiant fight back
Red Indian Warriors

Trusted forcefully
Latin powers adventurously

Fractions of efforts
Produced Cuban Heroics
Community of traditions
gave spirit to Mexican uprising

Workers toil
Sent Chile in flames
voice arose of suppressed
prompted dictatorial crushing

Couple of decades
Brazil chained
Washington promoted
Dictatorial Candidates

Rich soil and economy
Rendered Bankrupt
Banana Republics

Brilliant French revolutionary analyzing
Set Haiti free
Victims of human trade
Centuries called them Slaves
United in consciousness
To guide destiny of a nation

European Adventures
Landed to call ‘Discovery’
Staged bee line to new world
Soon brave colonial triumph

Portugal and Spain
dominated the booty
Massacres of horror
Carried on in Western Hemisphere
Red Indians brutally assaulted,
Killed and butchered in terror.

Voice arose of Simon Boliver
Great Latin American Liberator
Let Latin America be one
from North to South forever

Boliver’s dream still a dream
Land distributed by Empires
Haciendas and Latifundias a reality
Control and pleasure of few mighty.

Fear kept mind
in chains and locks
voice rendered under status qou
Attempts often through brave surrenders

For half a thousand years
Colonial powers creates chain reactions
“Goodwill and Peace”
Slogans of next thousand years

Writers blushed in Pablo Neruda
Revolutionary excelled in Che Guevara
Radicals triumphed in Fidel Castro
Such colorful is Latin America.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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