Friday, June 27, 2008

Fomentos determined to ruin Goan Village: Colamb

On June 12 2008 Fometo mining company release polluted water from the mine it operates: Hiralal Khodidas T.C. No. 06/1949 into Colamb villagers agricultural fields at 4.00 pm. Here are the pictures taken on that moment on the mine when the angry villagers forced thier way on the mine and forced the minig company to stop release of the water into the fields. You are free draw your conclusions on the behaviour of the mining company and how determined it is to ruin Colamb village forever.

Sebastian Rodrigues


Anonymous said...

Bloody Miners, bastards let their tribe dwindle in the sunset.bloody suckers

godkabachha said...

if this is reality, how can the government and the local authorities turn a blind eye. I believe the local villagers can only fight this and unite against such a crime by simply refusing to let this happen to their homeland.