Monday, June 9, 2008

Now Tata mining on Goa's border in North!

This picture taken in Advalpal on June 08, 2008: truck had turned turtle and all the ore poured down. When the villagers questioned the driver he disclosed that the ore he was transporting is from Tata's mine in Reddi, just across Goa's border in Pernem taluka. This ore was siphoned off from the Reddi mines.
Truck is being refilled with ore so that the trade continues. What easement rights does Tatas enjoy to ply trucks through Goa?

The labourers on to the work to get truck back on wheels. Tata's are one of the top most steel traders in the world and are on the spree of acquisition of mines all over the Country. It tried to buy Sesa Goa from Japanese Mitsui company few months ago but was defeated by British NRI owned Vedanta who also has large mining interests in Goa.
Sebastian Rodrigues

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