Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Protests against Vedanta owned Sesa Goa in Panjim

In a major development, Advalpal villagers today launched protest against British multinational - Vedanta owned Sesa Goa mining company in front of the Company headquarters in Goa's Capital city of Panjim.
Ramesh Gauns, National Best Teachers Awardee for 2008 protests against the Vedanta mining terrorism in Goa. Today June 04, 2008 Advalpal villagers staged demonstration in Panjim on the eve of World Environment Day tomorrow. Niyamgiri is in Orrissa is protesting against the Vedanta's corporate onslaught. Goa groups extended solidarity to Orrissa groups fighting Vedanta's with this message.

Protest demos were staged in front of Sesa Goa's corporate headquarters in Panjim.

'Throw out Sesa Goa, Save Advalpal village' is the message that is being carried on placard here.

Goa Bachao Abhiyan's Pravin Sabnis extended Solidarity to the villagers. Here he is caring banner of World Environment Day.

Claude Alvares of Goa Foundation and Durgadas Gaonkar of Gawda, Kunbi, Velip and Dhanagar Federation were prompt in their support the protest action today. Above picture shows Shamsunder Naik addressing the protesters after returning from delegation to Chairman of Goa Pollution Control Board Mr. Joshi.

Though there are claims of Democracy in Goa State yet it is mining rule - no people's rule at all - at village of Advalpal: Voice of Advalpal women is loud and clear.

Advalpal children demonstrated in Porvorim when they were forced to get off their bus by Goa Police on the way to Panjim. Goa Police were wrongly informed by their sources that the protesters from various mining villages are to squat on Mandovi bridge. Police however did not cross their limits to inflict any human rights violations.

Police in riot gear stand side by side with the protesters in Porvorim.

Close-up of the Goa police brigade in riot gear.

Protest in front of Goa Pollution Control Board.

This is where the Police forced stop protesters en route to Panjim. Goa State is at present in a state of panic due to rising protests all over Goa.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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