Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pictures of Zolaracho Dongor Mine illegally run by Salgaoncars in Maina, Quepem.

This mine is operating without any permissions from any one and on 21st June Public Hearing was sought to be held in Quepem - that too with wrong T.C. number. Due to public pressure it was called off.

Salgaoncar mining company is in charge of this particular ecological scandal. Who can question this law maker (Anil Salgaoncar) in Goa? For him his word is his law! Goa is his private property and so its waters in hinterland as well as coast. He can get his aged vessels and sinks it wherever he pleases and claim insurance. people of Goa go to dogs. Planet earth go for a toss. He enjoys power like nothing else. Now he is distributing the mines to rest of the MLAs as well. Cuncolim MLA Joaquim Alemao is only one of them.

Dumps are huge in the forest lands. Authorities as good as non existence to stop this open butchery of Goa's forest. All the 39 MLAs (One Dead) are insensitive to Goa's long term interests. It is indeed a tragedy that requires urgent attention from vigilant citizenary in Goa.

Mining companies are mega rats that dig deep into Goa's green mountains. This is how it is done for the benefit of great walled nation called China.

Local People however have stepped up its vigil on the mining companies. They no longer go unchallenged.
Sebastian Rodrigues

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