Monday, June 9, 2008

Sesa Goa mining cracks Arondekar's house in Advalpal

Sesa Goa mining has caused cracks to the house of Vinayak Arondekar at Varchavada, Advalapal. Above picture shows the cracks to the house wall. Sesa mine is operating in less than 50 meters from his house.
Here Vinayak Arondekar in front of his house in Advalpal.

Another crack the bottom of the back wall of his house. How many more houses to get cracked before mining is stalled in Goa?
Sebastian Rodrigues

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cool_newmoon said...

This is a superb effort to capture stories of these villages,
this inconvenient truth must be accepted by main stream. Today it is Blog, your effort and initiative will inspire a new age of mediums to take this truth to masses.

Jai Hind