Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rivona-Chunnimol mining disaster in 25 pictures

Let's tour Chunnimol mine in Rivona, Quepem with Rama Velip, Motes Antao, Ramesh Gauns and Sebastian Rodrigues in these 25 pictures. This mine does not posses any Environmental Clearance yet it is being operated by Salgaoncars mining company (of Sanvordem MLA Anil Salgaoncar) by sub contracting the same to Cuncolim MLA Joaquim Alemao' Raisa mining company. Its public hearing was held on 18th June 2008 with remarkable audacity to perpetuate ecological crimes on forest and people of this area. This mine is right in the middle of the Forest. It's T.C. number is 28/1952 leased out by Portuguese to Gujarati businessman Shantilal Khusaldas private Ltd.Rama Velip and Ramesh Gauns in the picture at Chunnimol mine on 14th June 2008
Water accumulated inside the mine in Chunnimol

Machinery on the mine site

Office of the mining company

All out to finish off the green western Ghats forests forever

Evidence of destruction of Forest

Mine has begun collapsing already in the first rains itself!

Corca river - that connects to Kushavati river is bordering the mining lease, this river and all its dependent life form will be disappeared if this mine continues...

Big trees cut and buried inside, roots visible

View of Dempo mine in Shivsorem from Chunnimol mine

This water accumulation inside the mine

Mining waste dump and silted water on the top of the mountain in Rivona

Machinery on mining site

Roads created in the middle of the forest, this is only one example - there are several more...

Boulders from mine stuck to forest trees

Top view of the mine, Government authorities like are yet to take serious note of these gross ecological crimes against planet earth. Citizens need to get assertive to defend planetary rights...

Testing for Ore in the middle of the mine

Big forest trees chopped down
Trenches dugged on the mine, if these mining continues future of next generations of Goa will be buried in these trenches...

View of the village houses at Chunnimol from the mine

Forest under severe threat due to this and neighboring mines

This is a bank of Corca River, are we going to let the future of our rivers in the hands of miners? Never! Lets unite to defend our rivers and push out the miners forever...

Motesh Antao at the bottom of the mining dump

In spite of pretended precautions of mining company water sips in the open forest...

Mining treatment to Goa's State tree 'Matti".
Sebastian Rodrigues

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This is fantastic evidence collected well done. I just recieved your sms. Please post about the sabotage plans through mining lobby to stop work of your team. Through putting accusations of naxals.