Sunday, June 29, 2008

Statement of Rama Velip at Quepem Police Station

Quepem Police Station
Date:- 24/06/2008


I Shri. Rama s/o Ladu Velip Age - 44 years, occupation - Agriculturist r/o H.No. 36, Colomba, Rivona, Goa do hereby state as under:

I am as above and residing at the above mentioned address. That I am a agriculturist by profession and doing agricultural work at Colomba.

I say that I know one Sebastiao Rodrigues r/o Siolim Mapusa Since last 05 years from the year 2003. The said Sebastiao Rodrigues use to visit our home at Colomba alongwith br. Philip of Don Bosco, Sulcorna and Venkatesh Prabhu Dessai of Colomba - Kevona. The said Sebastiao use to move along with brother Philip Neri D'Souza.

I say that whenever there was a meeting in our village regarding mining issue and other environmental or land issue he use to visit our village. Most of the time said Venkatesh Prabhu Dessai and also Br. Philip use to attend the said meeting of "GAKUVED" and use to take photographs and was doing videography also. Mostly he use to do work on the Internet.

I further state that the Br. Philip Neri D'Souza is not working in Don Bosco farm Sulcorna as he was transferred to an other place. So also Venkatesh Prabhu Dessai is not also in contact with me for the last 06 months or so and he is not attending our meetings now.

Hence my Statement.

My Statement is recorded in English, read over and explained to me and found correctly recorded as per my say.

Rama Velip

Before me
(Santosh S. Dessai)
PI, Quepem Police Station

This Statement was recorded after issuing Call letter to Rama Velip in view of the allegations of naxalite infiltration in Colamb was leveled by the Leader of the Opposition, Goa Legislative Assembly on June 19, 2008.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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