Saturday, June 21, 2008

Shivsorem mining Opposed

The villagers of Shivsorem, Colomba of Rivona Panchayat strongly opposed the public hearing organized on Wednesday by the Goa Pollution control board at Rivona V.K.S.S. Society Rivona.

The public hearing was presided over by south Goa Collector Shri G.P.Naik and Goa Pollution Control board member Shri Joglekar and was attended by over 200 villagers.

It may be recalled that the proprietor of Chuninimola Iron ore mine having lease under T.C. No.28/1952 M/S. Shantilal Khusaldas Bros pvt. Ltd. have applied for renewal of the said mining lease in survey No.88, 134, 137 and 138 of Rivona Village of Sanguem taluka over an area of 42.91 hactors.

All those present for the hearing strongly opposed it on the ground that it will destroy the environment. Raising Objection and attacking the Rapid environment assessment report submitted by the Mining company Shivsorem villager Shri Gurudas Gaonkar stated that though the Shivsorem ward having a population of 400 villagers is just at a distance of 25 mts from the mining pit it is not shown in the report. He claimed that if the mine is given permission then their ward will be wipe out from the map of Goa. He further stated that the primary school which is there is the village is also not mentioned in the report.

Rama Velip of Colomba stated that without having any environment clearance, the owner of the mining company has illegally and sans permission already started the mine one year back and done extensive damage to the environment. The mining reject has been dumped at a distance of 10 mts from the bank of the Curca river a tributary of the Kushawati River. During this monsoon the mining reject has even flown into the river. Why the public hearing at this stage , questioned said Rama. He demanded action against the mining company and termination of the mining lease for environmental violation.

Dr. Avdoot PrabhuDessai raising his objection stated that due to dust pollution that will be generated by the mining company villagers will be succumbed to different dreaded dieses like Asthma, tuberculoses, Silicoses which will finish the villagers.

Shri Subhash Prabhu Dessai stated that if the mine is permitted then the entire agriculture land presently their in the village will be destroyed. There will be no land for any cultivation.

Meanwhile the Gawda Kunbi Velip and Dhanger Ferderation has filed a complaint against the owner Chuninimola Iron ore mine before the Goa Pollution Control Board demanding action against it for doing extensive damage to the environment

John Fernanades

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