Friday, September 18, 2009

Valvanti river for Vedanta?

River Valvanti at Sakhali, Goa is a proposed site for Bandhara for providing water to pig iron plant at Amona. Water from this river is also pumped to use at Virdi mines pit of Sesa Goa that it showcases to the world as its best mining practices.

This is the spot from where water is going to be pumped out by constructing 5 meter high BandharaThe place locally locally known as “Makar Sheno”.

River contains fresh water and is one of the important tributaries of Mandovi river.

Sesa Goa's pipeline leading towards virdi mines. Security check post is also of Sesa Goa.

River is surrounded by lush greenery on its banks.

It is ecologically very important in nature.

Water for Vedanta v/s water for people of Goa. Battle lines are increasingly getting demarcated.

A view of Valvanti river.

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