Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bordem threatened by Dempo/ Vedanta mining

These pictures were taken on April 07, 2008 when Sebastian Rodrigues and Dadu Mandrekar visited Bordem village in Bicholim. This was a reality then. Mines were operated by Dempo Mining Corporation. Though for the reasons of profit maximisation Dempos sold all its mining leases in Goa to British corporate Vedanta, it has not done away with misery for environment and Goa's food and water security. Person with simple common sense will able to understand this reality. Can't understand Dempos failed to understand this. Surely, interest of Goa is not at their heart they have to find out where it is actually!

Bordem's threatened agriculture.

Close up view of mining activities in the middle of coconut trees.

The stark mining reality.

Vanishing greenery, vanishing food security, vanishing water security. Goa is already crying over milk shortages. Surely, cows don't get fed on mining silt. So there is no surprise in Goa's milk shortages today. It was only a series of mining prompted time bombs waiting to be exploded in due course of time and it has exploded!

Bordem's entire paddy fields are threatened by mining activities.

The beautiful house with ugly mining trade in the background. Mining disaster in true colourful sense! Kudos to Dempos, and now Kudos to Vedanta for being super destructs of the planet earth! Keep destroying!

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