Monday, September 7, 2009

Glimpses from Pissurlem

On December 27, 2008 few people concerned about tragedy unfolded by mining industry in Goa went to Pissurlem, Sattari to get first hand accound of the situation. Pissurlem has been under mining assault for the past half a century. This is a photo essay based on pictures by Shaweta Anand and commentary by Sebastian Rodrigues.

This picture symbolizes reality of nature and horticulture in the form of two coconut trees: One dead and second one alive. This is largely a reality of the state of Goa in the context of mining. It is an incessant struggle between life and death....

This coconut trees has no energy left to bear fruits. Mining has done the trick.

Soil has lost fertility. These plants symbolises this painful reality.

Agriculture fields re full of mining. No crop is cultivated here. One upon a time Pissurlem was highest ranking village in Sattari taluka in terms of Paddy cultivation.

But today its paddy fields are full of mining silt.

This reality has gripped entire Pissurlem village.

Couple of buffaloes and few egrets enjoy last remains of moisture in these once evergreen paddy fields.

House in Pissulem village.

Cow dung cakes in Pissurlem. Perhaps these are last of remain after remaining green portions being earmarked for expansion of mining industry.

Stagnant water in Pissurlem lake.

Stagnation visible. Once this lake used to cater to the entire paddy cultivation of Pissurlem village. Today stagnation is a reality.

The neglectful reality of lake continues...

Another picture of lake. Planet Earth may lost it forever due to mining.

Mining in close proximity of Paddy fields in Pissurlem.

Mining activity: razed hillocks.

Pissurlem women in conversation.

Mining trucks on Pissurlem village roads.

If you have a mining truck then you have a comfort of a luxury car in Pissurlem. Unfortunately, neither car nor truck can satisfy human thirst and hunger.

Cars are very attractive co-option mechanisms in Pissurlem village.

Ore from Pissurlem for exports: truck overflows and uncovered.

Mining trucks are so much an integral part of Pissurlem village. Once upon a time it was its paddy fields that were so much its integral part. The change is so visible and direct.

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