Friday, September 11, 2009

Forest officials at Colomba gheraod

The villagers of Colomba on Saturday September 05, 2009 gheraod the official of forest department when they along the with officials of the mine owner came to inspect the forest land at Colomba to divert the same for mining purpose.

That soon after getting the news that officials from forest department headed by Conservator of Forest Delhi Cadet Shri Yogesh , South Goa Deputy Conservator of forest M.K. Shambu, Range Forest Officer Raghunath Mashelker, Deputy Conservator of Forest mining shri Carvalho , other forest survey officials along with mine owner officials are inspecting forest land under survey No.12 to divert the same for mining purpose a large number of villagers headed by Rama Velip gathered at the site. The villagers stopped the officials from inspecting the site and did not allow them to proceed but only when they got the assurance from the officials that they have not come to divert the forest land to mining purpose .

Earlier the villagers accused the officials of forest department particularly the officials from Delhi Cadete of being part to sell the government forest land to mining company for a price. The villagers brought to the notice of the officials the assurance given by central Forest and Environment Minister Shri Jairam Ramesh when he visited Goa that no forest land will be diverted for mining purpose.

It is learnt that the officials of the forest department are planning to divert 60 hacters of rich government forestland under survey No.12 of Colomba village in favour of mine owner V.G. Mehta who claims of having mining lease under No.41/53 in the said survey holding .

The villagers informed herald that that more than 50 houses and large track of agricultural, Kulagers land comes with the said mining lease under number 41/53 and if the forest is diverted and mining is started than their entire village will be wipe out . Villagers Rama Velip informed the forest officials from Delhi Cadet that because of forest on the top of the hill there is water at the low lying are and because of water they are residing over there.

All the villagers forcefully brought to the notice of the officials including the official from Delhi cadet that the forest trees existing in the forest area are not maintained by them and even if the forest department gave permission to the mining company to cut trees any of the tree and for that purpose they will do whatever they can.

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