Friday, September 18, 2009

Pictures of June 6, 2009 floods from mining sites in Goa

Sateri Temple in Valshi, Bicholim: water from nearby Vedanta (Dempo) mines at Bordem, Bicholim overflowing up to the temple plinth.
Below picture shows mining silt enters into compound wall of People residing near Vedanta (Dempos) mines in Mulgao, Bicholim.

Picture below shows mining rejection from Vedanta (Sesa Goa) mine lays scattered around in Advalpal village in Bicholim Taluka.

Picture below shows mining silt on the floor inside the village temple in Valshi, Bicholim. This silt is from Vedanta (Dempo mine at Bordem, Bicholim)

Mining silt entered entered inside the People's houses in Poira, Bicholim. This Silt is from Chowgule mining company.

Compound walls, drainage disrupted during last floods in mining belt of Goa. This picture is from Advalpal where in Sesa Goa, Salgaoncars, Fomentos, Lithoferro mining companies are in operation.

(Pictures by Vishant Vaze)

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