Friday, September 25, 2009

Motesh Antao of Colamb under arrest at Quepem Police Station

Colamb villager Motesh Antao has been arrested at Quepem Police Station today morning at 9.15 am. he was called to the police station to collect information he had sought detail information of three police officials - PI Santosh Desai, PSI Prakash Desai and HC Arvind Nagekar- under Right to Information Act 2005 (RTI).

According to the sources Motesh was threatened at the police station for filing application under RTI and then under the garb of some previous - yet to be known cases - was detained and arrest proceedings initiated against him. It is not yet known as what are the contends of his RTI letters that jittered police officials to such an extend to behave in this uncalled for, vengeful manner.

According to police officials at Quepem police station Motesh Antao has been arrested under sections 143, 341 and 506 read with 149 of Indian Penal Code (IPC). Date of offence is not yet known. You may call up Qupem Police Station at its land line: 0832-2662253 and find out the latest on this matter.

Motesh Antao called up from the custody of Police at around 10.10 am and informed that he has been taken for medical check up. His call came from land line: 0832-2662253. Just as he was giving details of his arrests his phone line got cut after background voice of accompanying police officer that you have to inform only that you are arrested and nothing more.

What is tragic in this whole episode still unfolding is that the citizen is called at the police station to collect information sought under RTI and then threatened and arrest effected on previous cases. This is indeed a very very sad day for democracy in India. We need to mourn the death soon and help democracy resurrect again. Motesh Antao is a torch bearer that all the freedom loving people of the world ought to be proud of for people of Colamb are indeed continuously extending boundaries of democracy, boundaries of freedom via their practice. Goa is proud of this village in Colamb.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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