Saturday, September 5, 2009

On Teachers day Forest department and mining companies caught in honeymoon lessons

It is teachers day today 05th September 2009. It is observed in India so to commemorate birthday of great teacher Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan who also became President of this great country in his lifetime. Special functions are organised in Indian Schools and colleges to specially honour teachers. And guess what how Forest department observed it today! They - someone claiming to be the officer of the rank of Chief Conservator coming from Delhi, and Curdi range forest officer Mashelkar eloped with Contractor of Dinar Tarcar mine at Carvem-Maina in dense forests of Colamb.

Today at around 12.30 afternoon they were sighted searching place for their nesting in intimate warm embrace. The sighter were none other than ever alert Colamb villager! They relized if these three are allowed to nest in their forest then very soon their hyper activities would start radiating warmth from their bones leading to mining dust, deforestation, water shortages, destruction of agriculture, death of all the living oraganism in dense evergreen western ghats forests. The villagers know it from their experience with Audooth Timblo and Radha Timbo already. Hence new teachers consisting of Forest officials and miners were not required to give any lessons on mining of Forest to the experienced villagers.

Villagers stormed at them as soon as the three entered Colamb's forest and began quizzing them incessantly. The officials on on joint honeymoon backed by mutual favours via briefcases were unnerved. They tried to turn the tables on the villagers by asking them that they must demolish their houses! Villagers told them that it is none of the bussiness of unwanted honeymooners! Forest offiicials were remineded in kindest words that Forest department is meant to protect the Forest. Forest officials then relectantly agreed as they began regaining thier lost memory. Forest department officials then said they have come on visit to demarcate the boundaries of Forest. Villaers found this was very puzzling. They shot back "if that so then what the miners are doing with you?" Forest department officials had no answer. They were caught pants down in the middle of the yet another honeymoon sujourn.

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Sebastian Rodrigues

P.S. This forest in Colamb has two mining leases granted during Portuguese Colonial regime with T.C. Nos. 41/53 and 46/51. They are as it is as Colamb is yet to test freedom like the entire State of Goa. Freedom from mining companies. First minng lease is called Galiem Mola Iron Ore Mine V.G.Mehta. The second mining lease is called Vatasur iron Ore Mine V.G.Mehta. Topography is rich dense evergreen Western ghats forest. Indian government conducted Public Hearing under Environment protection Act on 6th February 2009. According to report tabled in Goa Assembly via LAQ No.43 on 6th August 2009 none of these two mines were granted Environmental Clearnaces.

Colamb has 23 mining leases covering 1510 hectres of its land. Village total land is 1929 hectares.


Shankar Jog, Sancordem, Goa said...

This blog posted by Shri. Sebastian Rodrigues, shows how authorities work hand-in-gloves with mineowners. This Mr. Dinar Tarcar is congress candidate from Panaji Constituency and was defeated by Shri. Manohar Parriker, the opposition leader.
He is backed by high-level politician in the present Government and does not care for Environmental Clearance, at all. He started a mine at Sancordem, without any Env. Clearance or any subsisting mining lease. When, I wrote to various Authorities to stop this illegal mining, no-body took any action. Afterwrds, when I submitted a writ petition in Hon. High of Bombay, at Goa, in Panaji, the Mining Secretary issued an order to the lease-holder, not to produce beyond approved capacity unless Environment Clearance was obtained.
Only then he/his company Minescape stopped mining and submitted an Affidavit before Hon.Court that they will not re-start without Env. Clearance from the Ministry.
In the present, if the mines belong to Mr. Mehta, then Mr. Tarcar must have obtained "Irrevocable Power of Attoney" from him, and doing the mining under his Minescape company's name, claiming the company is mining-contractor for the lease-holder. This must be so since this is his modus-operandi.
There are many more tricks under his sleeves to bye-pass law.
I can show all papers to Mr. Sebastian Rodrigues in this regard and more. I will be happy to help in this regards.

Shankar Jog, Sancordem, Goa said...

With reference to news posted on 5-9-09 by Mr. Sebastian Rodrigues regarding mining in Colomb forest and close relation of forest authorities with "Contractor of Dinar Tarcar", it is not clear who was the contractor and whether Mr. Dinar Tarcar or his contractor was involved. In accordance with P.S. below this news, these two leases nos. 41/53 & 46/51 are leased to Shri. V.G.Mehta by eartwhile Portuguese regime. Since these leases were granted more than 50 years back, original lease-holder may not be surviving and in such a case his heir/s will be the present lease-holder/s. And present lease holder/s may not be in position/willing to operate the leases. But, as per law, leases are not transferable without permission of Central Govt. So as to circumvent this difficulty, miners in Goa, get Power of Arroney from legitimate lease-holder/s and start mines claiming they are contractors for the lease holder/s.
In view of this, it is suspected that Mr. Dinar Tarcar or his contractor (mostly Mr. Dinar Tarcar himself) is interested in starting these leases posing as contractor for the lease-holder/s.
Mr. Dinar Tarcar, congress candidate for Panaji Constituency (defeated by opp. leaser Shri. Manohar Parriker), having political clout with high placed politician in the present Govt. does not bother himself with things like Environmental Clearance, Forest/Wildlife clearance or even non-subsisting leases and bull-dozing all oppositions, start mining operations.
He did same thing in two leases situated at Sancordem and Darbandora (Taluka Sanguem) and started mining, and removed more than one lakh tonnes of Iron Ore. To oblige him, no authorities bothered to take congnizance, "even after my complaint". It was possible to stop the mining only after I writ-petitioned to Hon. High Court at Panaji.
Hence, the villagers of Colamb should be on alert and petition to Hon. High Court at Panaji, for redressal of their grievences.
Shankar Jog, Phone: 2611499 & 2611032.