Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Assanora irrigation network threatened by mining

Assanora river supplies water for major parts of Bardez and Mapusa city. There is special irrigation facility for this purpose. This black and green lettered stone on the banks of this rivers is a testimony of commitment of State government in Goa in this regard. These pictures were taken on April 07, 2008 when Sebastian Rodrigues and Dadu Mandrekar visited Assanora.

Artificial flooding of Assanora river is created in order to facilitate irrigation.

Bandaras (artificially constructed blockades) function to facilitate irrigation project over flowing Assanora river. How natural it is to block flowing rivers? Is blocking of rivers a solution to the crisis of our times? Think about it!

River is under threat due to mining activities in nearby villages of Advalpal and Sirgao. There is likelihood that that natural water supply to this river may be drastically reduced due to mining activities.

Mining is so close to the Assanora river that it is visible in the background. Alarm bell is ringing loud and clear. Those who are deaf will not hear it. Please examine if you can hear or you may be deaf and needs repairs of your sense and sensitivity.

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