Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fomentos do it again! Releases mining silted water into village!!

On August 09, 2008 Fomentos did it again! After June 12, 2008 release of water into agricultural fields there was protest and it was thought that Fomentos has learnt a lesson. But it supervised water release into agricultural lands again. It is now ample clear that Fomentos capacity to lessons is below the level of a moron. In the picture above is Shanto Velip from Colamb examining polluted water released in the open to accumulate in the fields and to cause siltation of fields as well as of Kushavati river networks.
This is the way the water is release from the mines
Fomentos destruction of forest land has caused immense damage to wildlife. This snake too has message to Fomentos.
Brown treatment to Green Colamb from mining company

Oh! the water release into the Colamb village farming lands are secure with deployed security!
This is where the silted water from the mine have settled down.
You would not get any clearer view of the silted from Fomentos that operate Hiralal Khodidas mining lease no. 06/1949 in Colamb, Sanguem, Goa, India.
Fometos are truly geniuses in ruining settled and peaceful villages of Goa. Other mining companies are not far behind in this respect. This is a cost Goa is paying: bleeding itself away in order to fetch minimum of Rs. 8 Crores per barge of 1000 tonnes that navigates under Mandovi and Zuari bridges.
Another view of the accumulated silt water.

Ripper is still stationed at the mine site in Colamb
High powered water pump in operation inside the Hiralal Khodidas mine in Colamb. Fometos are amongst major water abusers of Goa. They must be criminally tried for crimes against planet earth.
This is one more picture of flowing silted water.
Here are two company officials of the Fomento mining company that are supervising destruction of Colamb village.
This is how water is released again from the arresters of the mining company. Arresters are meant to prevent water leakages into the village but that is only in the law. Practice is complete Topsy - turvey.
Sebastian Rodrigues

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