Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rekha crosses lifeline, dies of T.B.

Nature Environment Society and Transformation (NEST) received major jolt to its organisation as one of its frontal volunteers Rekha Revadiker succumbed to tuberculosis on August 11, 2008 in Belgaum, Karnataka. She was 35. Rekha Revadikar besides playing key role in setting up NEST base in Chorao, Tiswadi was one of the enthusiastic and concerned about society even while she was gripped with illness herself.
Rekha joined NEST team in 2003 and not only participated but also helped out in organising in number of NEST programs all over India. Before joining NEST she was active in Belgaum with Islamic social service networks and was fluent in Arabic. She however resisted pressures to convert to Islam and quit the networks and came to Goa.
Rekha was brilliant undoubtedly; when she came to Goa she had not yet cleared her graduation but with able guidance from Dr. Bikram Dasgupta, NEST founder and faculty at Chemistry department of Goa University, she completed her graduation, then went on to complete her post graduation in Sociology presently she had completed her first year M.Phil at Centre for Latin American Studies, Goa University.

Rekha did produced some of the fantastic papers over the past five years; Flora and Fauna of Latin America, Foraging Ant communities, Political ideas and life of Rosa Rosenberg are some of these.

Rekha Revadiker was a face in the crowd with a difference. NEST deeply condoles her death and pays rich tributes to her. She has been inspiration to all of us: particularly a trail blazer in community work, she has been a message that you do not need academic degrees to serve society but a willing heart: Rekha possessed huge heart of selfless service. Rekha continues to live in all of us at NEST.
Rekha came to Goa with a dream of standing on her own feet; she did not realize it but put NEST on firm foundation with her silent dedicated work. Thank you Rekha for all that you have been to us, we dedicate ourselves to carry the values and message that you left behind. Goodbye...
Sebastian Rodrigues

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