Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dempos releases mining silt into Bicholim River

Goa's most famous corporate group that is know for promotion of Soccer - Dempo mining Corporation - cares a hoot for Goa's rivers. With its rampant mining violating all the laws including the conditions in its Environmental Clearance order and continuously releasing its mining water into the Bicholim river.
It has even dug specially cemented pathways for polluting water. These particular pictures are from Pilgao where Dempos Beneficiation plant as well as its water sucking pump operates on Bicholim river.
The water that empties into the river is stark red. You can see it in the above picture.
The mega source however is in the Bicholim town itself where in it operates its mines. However it has no mechanisms in place to check pollution of Bicholim River that meets Mandovi River causing enormous siltation to both the rivers.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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