Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Salgaocar-Alemao nexus targets Selaulim Dam

Our worst fears on water security are coming true, Public Hearing has just concluded today to dig the earth for mining barely 30 to 50 meters from Selaulim water dam in Curdi-Curpem villages.

Today’s Public Hearing is one more in the series of serious attempt by the mining industry and Central government to dismember Goa and bleed it to death. Today’s Public Hearing involved T.C. No. 60/1952 of S. Kantilal Pvt. Ltd at Asni Dongor Iron Ore Mine covering Survey numbers 27, 37, 38 and 39 in Curdi village of which survey number 39 is private reserved forest identified under Sawant and Karapurkar Committee. Survey number 2 of Curpem village is also within the jurisdiction of this mine and listed as Government forest. Total land to go under mining here is 46 hectares.

Local sarpanch of Vaddem Panchayat was pathetic in his intervention, he demanded Rs.300/- per month per family as contribution from the mining company. Besides this he also suggested introducing 'hafta' system to generate revenue for the Vaddem Panchayat. 'Hafta' system is integral part of parallel economy based on extortions.

There are several People who opposed mining proposal, Rama Velip of GAKUVED was one of them.

You may well imagine the alarming state of affairs with regard to Salaulim water dam if the nefarious nexus between the two MLAs of Goa Legislative Assembly Anil Salgaokar and Joaquim Alemao are allowed to succeed in their nefarious designs to disrupt water supply in South Goa including cities of Margao and Vasco.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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