Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mining disasters are normal for Fomentos

Its hard to digest yet we are forced to; for Fomento mining company, mining disasters are normal and a part of its trade.

A statement from Lithoferro mining company that has mining lease of collapsed Advalpal mine has said in Herald today that 12 benches collapse of Advalpal mine operated by Fomentos is internal matter of the mining company. The actual operation of the mine is carried with grave threat to the safety, security and economy of the village of Advalpal in Bicholim Taluka. The management sitting at 5 star hotel Cidade de Goa can hardly understand even a fraction of a threat to the village.

This is not the first time that the Fomentos are involved in disaster as policy; in June 2000 its mine - the same one on when it held Environmentalist Rajendra Kerker and Journalist Prerna Bindra as hostage for two hours for clicking photographs of the ore and released after public pressure yesterday evening - collapsed sending dangerous mining silt into People's houses. With that disaster Pissurlem was flooded and mining debris - meter thick - deposited in houses including in kitchens and bedrooms of Pissurlem villagers. Yet no debris reached to Cideade de Goa, its swimming pools are yet to witness mining silt.

Then in Colamb this year itself on June 12, 2008 Fomentos methodically released mining silt in People's agriculture supervised by its site manager and security officers. Fomentos achieved this disastrous feat again on August 09, 2008 by releasing silt into People's agriculture.

With this track record is yet to become clearer as to whom Fomentos are aiming to bluff. Hardly anyone in Goa is now susceptible to swallow Fomentos august bluff. Never mind let's wish all the best to the corporate for its bluffs; for cat while drinking milk from the utensil closes her eyes with the belief that nobody watches her. Fomentos possibly believe the same: nobody watches and understands its mega bluffs.

We can never let any mining company to make disasters as normal practice of operations. if it does so then they have no right to operate the mine. It has to be shut down once for all.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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