Friday, August 8, 2008

Colamb Public Hearings Adjourned

Picture by John Fernanades

The three public hearing fixed on 7/8/2008 at Colomba by the Goa Pollution Control board for the renewal of three mining leases were adjourned as the mining company failed to produce valid licence.

The Goa Pollution control Board by public notice dated 2/7/2008 fixed public hearing for the renewal of Shri Vassantram G. Mehta Galiem Mola Ou Calzarigogo iron ore and Manganese ore mine under T.C. No.41/53 , Vatasur Manganese ore mine of Shri Vassantram G. Mahta under T.C. No.46/51 and Borgalle Iron ore Mine of M/S. Marzook and Cadar Pvt. Ltd. under T.C18/56 at Shantadurga Temple Colomb. When the hearing started which was presided over by Additional Collector-I South Goa Shri Prasana Acharya and Asst. Env. Eng. Of Goa Pollution Control Board Sanjeev Joglekar, those present and opposing the mine including opposition leader who made his presence over there first raised the issue of validity of mining lease of V.G. Mehta’s mine.

They claimed that all the three mining leases has been lapsed and in view of the provision of section 4(A) of the Mines and Mineral Act no public hearing can be held for a lapsed mine. All those present requested that the authorize representative of the mining Company should clarify and produce documents regarding the validity of the mining lease upon which the public hearing can proceed.

After hearing the public Additional Collector Prassana Acharya called upon the Representative of Vassantram G. Mahta to clarify their position but inspite of giving ample opportunity they - forget about explaining about the validity of the lease - failed even to turned up on the stage.

That after waiting for about 10 minutes the presiding officer adjourned the public hearing of two mines of Vassantram G. Mehta.

Then over the validity of the mine the presiding officer Prasana Acharya called upon the representative of M/S. Marzook and Cadar Pvt. Ltd. to explain their position . That on behalf of the company one Shri S.N.Naik appeared on the stage but failed to produce any document to show that he has authority to represent the company nor the company has any valid mining lease. As the said mine representative also failed to produce any document the additional Collector Shri Prasanna Acharya adjourned the hearing of Borgalle Iron ore Mine also.

The public demanded action against the Goa Pollution Control Board for fixing the hearing without verifying the documents and they demanded compensation. They charged the Goa Pollution Control Board and Deputy Collector Prasanna Acharya of receiving hafty sum of money from the mining companies. The hearing was attended by around 500 people including villagers of Benaulim, Khola Canacona, Paroda, Representative of Goa Social Justice forum and other different parts of Goa.

John Fernanades


cool_newmoon said...

this is a great struggle paying its much results, i guess the silent work of villagers in fighting such might power houses, will not make it to masses, but it will remain as symbol of power of the citizens.

cool_newmoon said...

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