Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rajendra Kerker, Prerna Bindra held hostage on Fomentos Pissurlem mines

According to the reports just received at 4.55 pm today Goa's noted environmental activist Rajendra Kerker has been held hostage along with Journalist Prerna Bindra of National Newspaper. Both of them have been surrounded on the Fomento mines in Pissurlem near Honda, Sattari taluka in North Goa.

They were on a visit there when the some people believed to be the employees of Fomentos' ILPL mining company have surrounded them and are not allowing them to move out.

Please contact Valpoi Police Inspector Shivram Vaigankar at his cell number: 9823225883 and also call up Valpoi Police station at 0832-2374255 and ask Police to act fast to release both - Rajendra Kerker as well as Prerna Bindra.

Shame Fomentos, Shame on your company and mining practices.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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