Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rajendra Kerker, Prerna Bindra win back freedom from Fomentos

After suffering 2 hours ordeal of wrongful confinement at Pissurlem Fomento's supposedly clandestine mining operations Goa's noted Environmentalist Rajendra Kerker and Journalist from National Press - Tehelka - on Goa visit Prerna Bindra freed themselves last evening.

Both of them were on a Fomento mining visit yesterday when securities intercepted them while taking photographs at around 3.40 pm. It is not yet clear as to which nefarious aspect of its Pissurlem mine that Fomentos was preventing from Public glare: Is it the fact that it is operating this mine on government lands? Is it that it was re-started after a long period of shut down with the influence of MLA and Health Minister Vishwajit Rane? Or does it worried that ugly reality of Pissurlem mining for over half century would open new Pandora's box?

Whichever may be the concern, one thing is clear that Fomentos are scared of Cameras! As soon as Prerna Bindra and Rajendra Kerker started taking Pictures security charged at them. Immediately 1 of them came and then 10 and final number of security was 30! All to prevent two people from taking pictures of the lying Iron Ore.

Fometos response with its security was like it was trying to cover up murder secrets with investigations on freshly buried corpses! Oh yes, Fomentos perhaps has awaken to the fact that its mining practices in Pissurlem, Advalpal, Colamb and all other mines is actually equivalent of murder. Murder of water sources, murder of agriculture, murder of forest, Murder of people through inflicting lung diseases, many other variety of murders. It is happy occasion that Fomentos have finally woken up to its behaviour and actually want to actively cover up and hide from the press and public gaze through deployment of security!

We wish Fomentos all the very best in it's adventure to cover up and may nest time the number of security increase by at least, one more zero - it may increase from 30 to 300 per mine in Goa, for you have so much to hide!

Around 4.55 pm Action Alert was circulated on Goa Net asking people to call up Police station in Valpoi and cell contact of the Valpoi PI Vaigankar when Kerker and Bidra was still in custody of the Fomentos in Pissurlem. After public focus and frantic phone calls to police station, both of them including their driver was rescued at 5.40 pm when the Fomentos was forced to open their closed gates.

Then they were led by police to Valpoi Police station and they were there till 6.40 pm. There Company gave in written complaint of trespass against Kerker and Bindra, police accepted the complaint but yet to register the same. Prerna gave written complaint of indecent behaviour towards her by Fomentos staff. Valpoi Police Station was continuously being contacted by People all over Goa and even abroad. Police on the phone were repeatedly denying the charge of wrongful restraining Kerker and Bindra. Their denial is understandable considering the immense pressure they were under from Cidade de Goa as well from MLA Rane.

Surely, we do not know what Prerna Bindra is going to write in the paper that writes for, but your brave fight in Pissurlem is already an inspiration to us, for you along with Rajendra Kerkar have refused the pressure of 30 male security and management to hand over your cameras to their power and mights!

Struggle continues!!

Sebastian Rodrigues

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Shweta Narayan said...

More power to you all for putting a brave fight against the corporate goons!!