Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Youth Power to demand climate justice

It is past midnight here in Copenhagen now, but all around me in the DanHostel in Bellahoij, Copenhagen,dozens & dozens of young environmental activists are in groups consultations. They are not discussing carrier prospects, but their plan of action to bring peoples power to the official climate negotiations venue -- Bella Centre, and to take over the BC for a day, through coordinated inside - outside actions.

Many of them are also preparing banners , placards - demanding Climate Justice Now, demanding that the northern countries agree immediately to pay the long standing climate debt to the poorer southern countries , etc
And these activists are reminding each other that in spite of unprovoked police actions, they must remain calm, non-violent and peaceful.

A good lesson for our youth, and what Gandhi ji would have appreciated.

Whether they are able to break through the heavy police barriers is irrelevant to the Reclaim Power Action, as the Danish Govt and other state actors are continuously losing credibility in the eyes of their on people.

The Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative and


WHEN: December 16, 2009 10am- 11:30 am

WHERE: KLIMAFORUM BLUE ROOM (across from Kobenhavn Central Station visit for directions)

WHAT: A rally to bring together youth from the Global North and Global South, Featuring Music, Spoken Word, and an opportunity to connect and Get Hype before the Reclaim Power Action (you do not have to participate in the action to attend)

WHY: To connect youth from around the world, share stories and build solidarity in the Global Youth Climate Justice Movement.
Afterward we will take to the streets and Metro's of Copenhagen to join those involved in the Reclaim Power Action

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