Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trust deficit threatens to derail Copenhagen climate talks

Copenhagen Update -- 17th Dec. -- Soumya Dutta

He used fairly strong language by diplomatic standards
He says that the Danish presidency promised to share the text but so far no one from the developing country block has seen it. It seems talks are almost about to collapse.

I (Jairam ramesh) have been meeting with Chinese and Americans.. we are in the endgame.. It is a matter of time till the blame game begins... Some countries are accusing the G-77 / Africa/ BASIC (the formation of Brazil, South Africa, India, China) of derailing the climate talks here in Copenahgen.

We must asy that we have gone out of our way to bring negotiations on track... process adopted here is deeply flawed.. trust deficit accumulated. No sincere effort.. by Denmark and its circle of friends to reduce trust deficit. TILL THIS MORNING WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TEXT WILL BE PRESENTED TO HEADS OF STATE TOMORROW. Have been asking them repeatedly to table text .

WE HOLD A SMALL GROUP OF DEVELOPED COUNTRIES RESPONSIBLE FOR THE STALEMATE. We want negotiations to continue.. don't want blame game to start.. Kyoto has been put into intensive care by developed countries,...
The bitterness created in Copenhagen by the developed countries will not be forgotten.. one positive outcome of Copenhagen is the BASIC countries solidarity...
International negotiations seems to have stalled.... our priority now should be domestic action.. .. this is most unfortunate and unexpected

Still hopeful that we might be able to salvage something today but the continued reluctance of the Danes to reveal contents of the political outcome is most baffling. Appears to me all along the objective has been to keep delaying things.

Copenhagen is unprecedented in the history of global negotiations.. we are really disappointed for India, by the low outcome...

West will now start propaganda.. blame game.. which is wrong.
This is not the time for mutual recriminations.

Also, off camera, he said that the Danes have formed a group of select developed nations.. a group being chaired by Gordon Brown.. which is party to the Danish text which will form the political statement tomorrow.. BUT NO DEVELOPING COUNTRY HAVE BEEN SHOWN THE AGREED TEXT YET !!

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