Saturday, December 12, 2009

Police harrasment again in Colamb

Police harassment has been reported today from Colamb. Babani Amolkar from Kevona, Colamb is the target this time. On December 2009 two policemen attached to Quepem Police station visited Babani's house at 10.00 am and verbally asked him to report to the Quepem Police station next day - International Human Rights Day - December 10, 2009 at 9 am in connection with some case filed against him by officials from Fomento mining company one year ago. No call letter was served on him.

Today on December 12, 2009 two policemen from Quepem Police Station visited his village and left a threatening message for Babani Amolkar with a fellow villager Suhas Prabhugaonkar. The message is Babani must report to the police station today at 3.00 pm failing with Police will pick up Babani from wherever he is found to the Police and will be arrested.

This is a latest instance of operation colonial state in Goa which is composed of mining companies, Government of India and government of Goa with sole objective of exploitation of Goa's wealth through law. Police harassment that has unfolded since 2007 is one crucial feature of colonial state.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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