Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Protestors paralyze Highway traffic in Panjim's Mandovi bridges

Thousands of tribal protesters has blocked highway on both the Mandovi bridges in Goa's capital city of Panjim. They are have come to Panjim from far and wide in Goa's remotest places and jammed traffic to push Goa government for their 12 point demand that includes implementation of Forest Rights Act 2006. The para-military forces along with Goa Police used pressured water to disperse the protesters. This however has backfired as the resolve of the protesters has hardened and para-military forces and Goa police had to withdraw when the last report came in at 12.40 pm. Tribal organization named United Tribal Associations Alliance (UTAA) had called people out on the streets today.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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