Sunday, December 27, 2009

Violence as Policy

Student needs attention

No need of condemnation

My childhood violated

innocence of heart shattered

Things carried on and on.

Thanks to crazy mood

Originality of throat robbed

Shame once and for all.

Heart’s cry loud and clear

Struggles to say “my dear”

Violent cast utter disgust

get the hell out

From my heart.

Deeply entrenched and stuck

Smile at downfall

Sarcastic at success

Fear and terror as gift

Net gains empty glass

Lost deposits; misery of class

rub nose with salt.

Violence of brain summons halt

Ravaged heart seeks to reconcile

Hand-in-hand desires to fly

Personal tragedy to political strategy

‘No to violence Yes to peaceful study’

This be reflected steadily.

School, College and University

Adopt an attitude - universality

Dead end to violence as policy.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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