Friday, December 18, 2009

First anniversary of Ambaulim lathi charge

The lathy charge on the villagers of Copelabhat on 17/12/2008 was illegal and without any order from the SDM present and to hide the illegal lathy charge the Quepem police headed by PI Santosh Dessai registered false and distorted complaints against the agitating villagers including complaint for attempt to murder stated the villagers of Copelabhat on Thursday at a press conference called to mark the first anniversary of lathy charge at Quepem which was attended by Adv. John Fernandes, Pobre Fernandes, Franky Rebello, Andrew Fernandes and others.

The villagers further stated that the false complaint registered by the police in return of heavy kick back from the mining companys/mining contractor. The Goa government which claims to be of Am-Admi is yet to act on the several complaint filed by villagers of Ambaulim against the officers who were involved in illegal lathy charge. Does the government promoting illegalities by not initiating action against such officers questioned the villagers.

Shri Pobre Fernandes an activist from the village stated that the administration functioning in Quepem such as the police, the RTO are the slaves of the mining companys/mining contractor as no action is being taken against overloading, over speeding, mining truck though these violation takes place before the eye of these authorities. "The dust pollution cause by the mining transport causes cynus problem to the school children" stated said Pobre further.

Constant spillage of ore that takes place due to overloading causes dust pollution on the Quepem - Cavrem road which in the years to come will be responsible for major health problems stated advocate John Fernandes.

That the villagers of Copelabhat on 17/12/2008 came on the road demanding justice, as the authorities failed to act on the several complaint filed by them and to comply with the assurances of issuing notification prohibiting mining truck during certain hours. But instead of delivering justice to the agitating villagers the administration which is under the dictate of mining companies has done injustice. Though more than one year has passed for the assurance of issuing notification, the South Goa Collector is yet to act. "This shows the utter incompetency of South Goa Administration headed by Collector G.P.Naik" stated Advocate John Fernandes further.

The administrative order passed by the SDM Quepem on 26/11/2008 and 11/5/2009 giving clear guideline to the mining truck is mere eye wash as these orders are neither implemented nor enforced . Are the mine owners, mining contractor, mining truck owners law unto themselves?" the villagers questioned further.

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