Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ambaulim students face mining dust in classroom!

Seen in the photo dust created at the speed breaker due to spread of ore and primary school situated by the side of the road. Photo by John Fernandes.

The student of Government primary School Ambaulim Chinchawada Quepem are constantly exposed to dust pollution created by the overloaded mining truck.

The Government primary school which adjacent to the Quepem Ambaulim main road wherein 19 student are studying. That just opposite to the school, in order to regulate the speed of the mining truck the PWD has put up a speed breaker. All the mining truck plying over this route are overloaded, the iron ore constantly drops on the road particularly at the speed breaker which gradually turns into dust. The fallen ore near the speed breaker has develop heap of mud on the side of the road.

"The dust problem is so much that most of the school children has developed sinus problem as a result the student often are sick which result in drop in attendance" informed the teacher of the school when contacted on a condition not to publish her name.

The dust is so much that it can be seen on the benches where the students are sitting . "Even the sweeper who comes for cleaning get fed up as apart from sweeping the class room she has to clean up all the benches regularly" informed the said teacher further.

When Sarpanch of Ambaulim Shri F.X. Cardozo in whose Panchayat office is situated just next to the school informed herald that the dust problem at the school is just unbearable.

The dust problem is created due to overloading of mining truck. The mining trucks plying over the road are overloaded beyond their capacity as a result the ore falling at the speed breaker which intern causes dust pollution.

Mining prompted dust problem the Panchayat has brought to the notice of the Dy-Collector but the Dy-Collector is yet to take action. If the dust problem continue in such a way the minor school children will be the most sufferer in the days to come. "We will discuss the issue in our next gram sabha meeting which is schedule on Sunday" said Cardozo further.

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