Saturday, January 3, 2009

What Fomentos found defamatory in Seby's writings online?

Para 14 of Fomento Petition: Some of the extracts of the said false news items published by the defendant in his Blog/Webside which are defamatory in nature are quoted hereunder:-

A. Fomento mining Company, mining disasters are normal and a part of its Trade.

B. Fomentos achieved this disastrous feat again on August 09, 2008 releasing silt into People’s agriculture.

C. We can never let any mining company to make disasters as normal practice of operations. If it does so then they have no right to operate the mine. It has to be shut down once for all.

D. Fomentos response with its security was like it was cover up murder secrets with investigations on freshly buried corpses. Oh yes, Fomentos perhaps has awaken to the fact that its mining practices in Pissurlem, Advalpal, Colamb and all other mines is actually equivalent of murder.

E. Dangers to our houses due to “Fomento Mines”.

F. State machinery including the police has become the extended arm of the mining companies. It is interesting to note that in spite of police complaint against Fomento mining company for destroying their agriculture neither officials nor managing director or Fomentos have ever been arrested. This is clear indication as to on whose side State Machinery in Goa is operating at present. State Machinery including the police has become the extended arm of the mining Companies in Goa.

G. All the authorities have failed to protect Colamb Villagers and Fomentos Continue to enjoy filed day with State protection to destroy Goa’s ecology and livelihood of its people. Fomentos like all other mining companies are making sure mining dozers forever.

H. All this, Villages allege was done at the instance of Fomento mining Company that is known to use Police for the private purpose of Profit maximization.

I. Goa Federation of Mines Affected People (GOAMAP) strongly condemns Goa Police connivance with Fomento mining Company.

J. GOAMAP also urges Goa Police not to dance to the tune of mining companies such as Fomentos and go about harassing people that are contributing to their salaries as public servants.

K. Fomentos are avid Portuguese loyalist as they were awarded mining leases by earstwhile Portuguese colonial and continue to be loyal till date. In fact its boss and Managing Director Audooth Timblo is list to be present for Portuguese Government’s function today and tomorrow evening.

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