Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Diggu rocks!

Gomantak Times, 20 January 2009 in Tuesday Tantrums Column

ALAS, Goa’s suspected ‘naxalite’ Sebastian alias Seby Rodrigues, can heave a sigh of relief, No, Fomento’s Vice President (Communications) hasn’t withdrawn the 500-crore libel suit from the Kolkata High Court. What’s happened is that Chief Minister, Digambar Kamat, suspected to be the mining industry’s pointsman for all the years he ministered the Mines department, has suddenly taken notice of the civil unrest in mined and battered villages of Goa. And, he rocked!

On Sunday, Kamat let out a shocker that miners aren’t accustomed to hear from him. Feet firmly on the ground in his home turf of Margao, he urged the mining community to search for a ‘balance’ between their trade and the ecology.

A few seconds later, came the bomb from their blue-eyed boy. Take notice, said he, of the concerns expressed by villagers in their respective areas of operations. What the CM in effect did was, to ask the Dempos, the Salgaoncars, the Timblos, et al to pay heed to Seby and Co.

It’s not always about money only, honey!

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