Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mining Lease Map of Goa

Goa's Ministry of Mines and Geology functions in absolute non transparent manner. Till date it does not even have website of its own. Public are denied basic information regarding mining industry in Goa. It is the mining companies, politicians and few Geologists employed with the mining ministry are enjoying exclusive access to information.

It is not yet known as to in the era of information technology why the Ministry that is headed by Goa chief Minister does not have website of its own. Mining lease Map of Goa looks dangerous. Here we put this important map online so that you can access it by clicking the following links:

It is hoped that department of Mines and Geology will give up its archaic ways of functioning and would soon make the statement of transparency in pro-active manner by putting the information regarding mining in Goa online. As long as it does not do it then it is an evidence by itself that it has many things things to hide.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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