Saturday, January 3, 2009

Some historical markers of Fomento Company as annexed to petition at Calcutta High Court

1957 Sociedade de Fomento SARL established

1960 Mining Operations begin at Cudnem and Harvalem

1960 mv Maria Laura carries Fomento’s first shipment of Iron Ore to Holland.

1964 Semi mechanization of mines

1964 Contract with Fuji Iron and Steel Co. ( Now Nippon Steel Corporation)

1966-67 Technical Agreement and long term mother contract with Sumitomo Metal Industries, Japan.

1970 ‘Fomento Chaitra’ The first barge acquired.

1970 Mechanized screenings begins at mines.

1972 Acquisition of Goa bottling Company

1974 Barge fleet operations begin Ore beneficiations begins.

1974 Beneficiation Plant in Goa at Maina.

1974 Fomento annual exports cross of 1.0 mn T.

1977 Loaded 1 Cape Vessel my IBARAKI MARU by transfer vessel MARATHA TRANSHIPPER.

1982 Cidade de Goa rolls out the red carpet.

1982 Capesize vessel mv ‘Pacific Jasmin’ Calls on the first of 85 plus consecutive voyages exclusively for Fomento Ore consigned to Sumitomo metal of Japan.

1985 Neclar Beverages established in Dharward in Karnataka State.

1986 100% export oriented Unit (EOU) Ferromel concentrates started. Primary Beneficiation Section (PBS 1) of Ferromel commissioned.

1990 Sumitomo Metal Industries rewards FOMENTO with an EVERGREEN COVENANT.

1993 Mining in Karnataka State begins.

1995 Secondary Beneficiation Section (SBS 1) plant commissioned.

1997 Primary beneficiation section (PSB – 2) plant commissioned.

1998 Secondary Beneficiation Section (SBS 2) plant commissioned.

1999 First cape size shipment in (m.v.Chris Mir) of Super Grade Fines (K-G Blend) to Baoshan steel, China. FKPL incorporated.

2000 PARAMAG ORE SHIPMENTS April 2000 to NSC, October 2000 to Sumitoma Metal, October 2000 to Baoshan Steel.

2000 Giving off Bottling Company to PepsiCo.

2001 ILPL enters logistics business with Floating Crane For transshipment river terminal.

2004 Prime Mineral begins ore trading & Ore Offtake agreements with leaseholders.

2006 Long Term Contract with Mittal Steel, Romania/ Pinxiang Steel, China, JV with Louis Dreyfus for marine logistics.

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