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Advalpal cries due to mining intrusion in the village

Varchawada Kala and sanskrutik Kruti Samitee

Represented by its members/ residents of Advalpal, Bicholim – Goa

Date: 31-12-2008

The Deputy Collector,

The Police Inspector,
Bicholim Police Station,

Mamlatdar of Bicholim Taluka,



The members/residents of Advalpal, Bicholim – Goa hereby submit our representation for your redressal and action as under:-

1. You are aware that companies namely Ms Sesa Goa, I.L.P.L, Salgaocars Mines are doing Mining activities in the vicinity of and in the locality of Advalpal Village in utter violation of permitted legal norms thereby causing environmental danger, Health hazards, total destruction of Forest, Water sources, Agricultural properties, Nallas, depletion of water level resulting increasing our miseries.

2. Herein before several representations were given to you and other offies. However, no any effective action is taken so far. Such companies getting bold did not abate the nuisance and atrocities and on the contrary there is increase in the mining activities beyond permitted limits. At present Sesa Goa has started widening their mining area and have reached upto the houses. As the mining dumps over head the house is laid in huge hips which are likely to come down. The said dumps are over the houses which shall flow down into nallah existing in the locality resulting into flooding situation. Already the village has witnessed flood in the year 2000 causing huge damage to the agricultural properties and houses.

3. You are aware that our houses are situated at the down level and mining activity is carried on at the higher level. During monsoon season water flows down with very high current which is likely to cause man made calamity with sliding of and coming down of huge mining dumps on the down slope on our houses endangering the very survival of houses and human inhabitants. Besides all our agricultural fields and gardens though are not part of mining area have been destroyed on account of mining rejection/silt which comes down every year with rain water.

4. The very survival, identity and existence of our village is in danger on account of unreasonable use of land by the mining companies and creation of unhealthy atmosphere in the locality due to dust pollution, sound pollution, reckless rash and negligent use of public roads, and day by day decreasing good potable water sources accompanied by vanishing of greenery, forest and trees in the locality.

5. The worst part of all episodes is that the companies mentioned above have engaged themselves on brutal and deadly assault on the villagers adding to the gravity of worries and extend of public protests.

6. At present ILPL and Salgaokar have started removing their border which result into increase in the flow of water and water current making the situation very grave and dangerous for the whole village. In case of any calamity in the coming future the blame of human and property loss shall come on the local authorities that is your office for not observing the safety and security of masses. As such we hereby call upon you to immediately do site inspection and direct the mining companies to stop endangering life of inhabitants of Advalpal village.

7. We therefore earnestly and humbly request you to kindly stop the illegal mining activities carried on at Advalpal by the above said companies resulting into destruction of human habitation in the locality and to direct the mining companies to remove the huge dumps made by them in the overhead areas of village. So also we request you to direct the mining companies to stop sound pollution and to stop the removal of boundary existing in between ILPL and Salgaonkar mines.

Hope you will act accordingly immediately and do the needful. You being our sole ray of hope and being the Taluka administrator for betterment of society.

Yours Faithfully,

Shamsunder P. Naik

Kishore P. Naik

Sharmila S. Naik

Deepak P. Naik

Gita P. Naik

Dipli P. Naik

Sarita Salgaocar

Laxmi Parab

Arjun L. Naik

Lavu A. Naik

Sulochana L. Naik

Yeshwant L. Naik

Kasments L. Naik

Gopinath R. Naik

Geeta G. Matnekar

Laxman Matnekar

Sumitra D. Naik

Sameer D. Naik

Sathyavati S. Naik

Rajendra S. Naik

Rajita S. Naik

Sanjan S. Navekar

Aarti Ravindra Shetye

Amita A. Shetye

Shubhangi A. Shetye

Saraswati V. Shetye

Prabhakar H. Naik

Pratibha P. Naik

Annapurna J. Gurav

Japtavati S. Gurav

Videsh V. Podlaskar

Pramila Naik

Swati Naik

Vaishali P. Naik

Kashinath V. Gad

Sagar s. Gad

Devanand K. Gad

Vithal K. Gad

Arun A. Naik

Nilesh P. Naik

Sulbha S. Palkar

Kalpana B. Naik

Gurudas J. Naik

Gurudas R. Palkar

Saji P. Naik

Gauresh B. Naik

Vibha V. Naik

Arjun S. Naik

Amnish B. Naik

Sanjay K. Manerkar

Vijay V. Padloskar

Vignesh R. Naik.

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