Friday, January 16, 2009

Destructive Mining

Hearld, 12 January, 2009

By Arvin Mesquita, Abu Dhabi

It is very clear that mining has a very detrimental effect on Goa and its environment, and Goan. The huge actual losses (including health risks, water contamination, etc) are significantly higher than the small gains; mostly benefiting a privileged few. The mining lobby is now getting desperate with false PR campaigns in the media, and , cowardly defamation suits filed in faraway states.

I request all genuine movements fighting for Goa, including social and religious groups (Hindu, Muslim and Christian) to unite; bring out the true facts, and force our corrupt government to address this serious issue once and for all. Many corrupt MLAs are funded by the mining lobby, so it is in Goa’s interest to cut off this illegitimate support and dethrone these anti-Goan MLAs.

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