Sunday, May 16, 2010

Videos of police repression on anti-POSCO agitators

1. The video of police oppression on anti-POSCO resisters - the fate of Indian citizens and the face of the state of Orissa

2. Please find the TV coverage of the Kalinganagar and POSCO videos in News X. Please note the exposure of the lies of the administration about Laxman Jamuda, the leader of BBJM shot dead by the police and the effort to cremate him secretly. Also note the massive preparations, including guns and ammunitions stored in the Kujang Police station to attack the anti-POSCO resistance. As noted elsewhere, the brutal attack on the anti-POSCO resistance by the police has already started.

TATA-POSCO-Vedanta rule


3. Finally, NDTV reports the attack on the anti-POSCO movement

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