Saturday, May 15, 2010

POSCO - police poised at dharna to attack

As per information received now (11 am), around 1000 police have deployed about 20 meters away from the dharna sthal, where there are approximately 800 people protesting. Section 144 has been announced as being in force. The police have taken position and the people have also taken position. It is assumed that the police are waiting for final instructions.

Shankar on 15 May 2010

Late last night Jagatsingpur MP, Bibhu Tarai (CPI) was arrested while he was on his way to Balitutha. Today morning a large contingent of police (sources say at least 15 platoons) have arrived at Balitutha sit-in where more than 600 villagers have been protesting since 26th January 2010. The police has announced through microphones that Sec 144 has been imposed in the area now and if the people do not disperse then they will use force. In other words the Police has announced that it will attack the people anytime now. The week started with the lathi charge at Chandia village in Kalinga Nagar, then we saw Lakshman Jamuda fall to police bullets and now it seems the week will end today with more police mayhem at Balitutha.

Surya on 15 May 2010

From: Anivar Aravind
Date: Sat, May 15, 2010 at 10:06 AM
Subject: [OrissaConcerns] Urgent Attention Please

Dear All,

As reported yesterday, 40 platoons of police were deployed near
Balitutha in Jagatsinghpur in Orissa where people are resisting
against POSCO project and are sitting on a protest demo since 26
January 2010. The police force is now marching towards the protest
site and the DM of the area is leading the march now (15 May 2010 -
10am IST). Some of us have called the SP Debadutta Singh who is at the
site now and he says that they will charge the people. When asked why
there is a force approaching people, his non-chalant answer was "these
people are not allowing the government to enter the area. We will use
force today to facilitate the entry of the government officials to the
area. I am here and will use the force."

There are around 700 local people sitting in the dharna at present and
their lives along with others in the area are in danger. This brutal
treatment by the state must be stopped and we all have to do whatever
we can to get the force leave the area immediately. Please use all
your contacts to help the anti-POSCO activists who have all along
shown tremendous strength in fighting against the steel giant POSCO
and the state brutalities. This is an appeal to all human rights
organisation across the globe to respond to this situation urgently.

Please call the following people:

1- Superintendent of Police (Debadutta Singh) at 09437094678
2- Naveen Pattnaik, Chief Minister of Orissa
Tel. No.(O) 0674- 2531100,2535100 (FAX)
Tel. No.(R) 0674- 2590299, 2591099,2590844,2591100,2590833
Email :

3- Prime Minister of India - Shri Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of
India, + 91 11 2301 6857

Your urgent action is needed. Let us not let another Kalinganagar,
Kashipur or Narayanpatna happen again.

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